Not environmental protection stops geometry of relation of haze of petroliferous lacquer, furniture, mist

Published on 2019-05-11

Heating season comes, mist haze becomes the large issue that affects popular feeling again. A few days ago, beijing is one-time increase more than 500 heavy pollution to be restricted the ” of “ big move of stop production enterprise is conspicuous. Among them, coating industry suffers “ embroil of big move ” is the biggest, only its downstream furniture company, 87 are enforced to be restricted, stop production.

To see a detailed information, the author was visited once distribution centre of content of big piece goods, the furniture company nowadays collects ground —— to tell a state. In Gu Gezhuang village, in 2 Si village, once fervent furniture factory is quiet a lot of, a few workers that have not leave gather together is in a card games. Relevant controller He Mou tells the author, the government before this comes outstanding, the reason of stop production is the contaminative air such as the paint that “ production furniture uses and adhesive. ”

He tells the author, when brushing paint to furniture, the volatilization with meeting very serious generation effect, the person is afflictive do not say, hear of those who return haze of can aggravating mist to form.

As we have learned, he Mou says volatilize thing, pressing written view is VOCs. There are many experts to had explained before this, VOCs is mist haze the other people of the one body before planting of important part PM2.5. Current, our country VOCs is discharged basically come from presswork, petro-chemical, oil is tasted reach solvent store carry, furniture is made wait for numerous industry. As a result of raw material, craft different, the VOCs of each industry discharges a characteristic to also be widely divergent, because this VOCs is administered,be the key that our country air pollution prevents and cure and difficulty all the time.

It is with coating industry exemple, data shows, VOCs is discharged in 18.5% come from —— of coating of Yu Rong the form of a drug to paint. Its volatilization process, main concentration is using level, drag in field is extremely wide, include equipment to make, treatment of metal, lumber, furniture production, construct a lot of field such as adornment. Among them, 4% what furniture makes this occupy our country VOCs to always discharge an amount, be hit this by the key consequently none exceptional.

Further investigation is informed the author, the VOCs that with people general unripe generation produces alive is different, furniture production, building decorates the paint that waits for an industry to use, part is more complex, bigger to human body harm.

As we have learned, the meeting is aggravating like the VOCs that paint produces mist haze, and what live for a long time in paint pollution is indoor, can cause not only chronic and toxic, damage liver and neurological, cause the whole body Sao of faint, drowse, skin is urticant etc, cause benzene of; of function of sex of endocrinopathy, influence and xylene possibly still to still can damage a system, down to causes leukaemia, mean paint product to take double harm property oneself.

The “ harm to paint, the understanding of people also is deepened gradually. When a lot of people buy furniture now, care formaldehyde, heavy metal very whether does the composition with these paint accessary products exceed bid, stem from healthy consideration, a lot of people can choose more the product of environmental protection. ” this, in the “ that just goes double 11 ” got mirrorring card —— in medium a few data this year “ double in 11 ” , coating product sale is most, it is morning Yang Shuiqi, it is manufacturer of country’s at present biggest coating of ability in swimming.

He Mou tells the author, although domestic most furniture produces a business, still use paint to undertake besmearing brushing at present. But oneself or the issue that considering transition. “ Beijing does not let production turn to Heibei, Henan, shanghai waits for no less than going to, move ” of Jiangxi, Hunan, he says, this is the choice that travels together not less at present, but oneself are managed in this old, hate to part with take away.

Core problem is, the throughout the country’s biggest estate market draws near here, and the consumptive ability of the market also can prop up company transition. In addition, index of relevant environmental protection can amount to mark after transition, arrive again issue a winter, the enterprise is restricted the possibility of stop production also can be reduced considerably.