Mother bead builds a machine to use a space capacious step environmental protection energy-saving cavalcade

Published on 2019-05-11

Mother bead creates an opportunity is to use close refine machine, Chan Luo the another model that lever extruder uses. Close refine function makes balata more sufficient in close refine room look look, dispersive, the screw core ministry of odd screw extruder connects water, screw low speed, low temperature, weak cut, full name is dispersive, without heat of beyond the mark attrition, dispersive effect is exceedingly good, lead plane electric current is small, energy-saving environmental protection.

Mother bead builds a machine to have very large application space, its characteristic is to because balata auxiliary is in,can decrease the pollution that when mixing refine with unripe glue, causes to the workshop and prediction of a person’s luck in a given year. Can improve the working environment of workshop interior employee effectively, because prediction of a person’s luck in a given year of auxiliary of powdery system condition is right,decrease at the same time the influence of recipe structure, reduce the time mixing refine of balata, reduce product cost effectively thereby.

Mother bead builds a machine to apply in home is close refine machine mostly match compulsive side to feed makings odd screw to squeeze piece make bead, screw grows diameter to should not be long than appropriate weak point, the heat build-up in cramming a course because of balata is big, screw grows a coefficient of friction more bigger, squeeze a temperature to be controlled not easily. This also is the one big difficult problem that balata mother bead makes bead. Its biggest technology characteristic: Use new technology of preparation of whole journey cold working, have treatment temperature is inferior, the recrystallization after can preventing balata auxiliary occurrence melt and destroy the auxiliary grain measure that refined so, utmost ground assured to solubilizing characteristic is refined in recipe design.

What at present domestic mother bead creates an opportunity is lukewarm accuse systematic cent to be two kinds, one kind is conduit twines type, this kind of cooling system twines screw barrel to receive cooling medium through copper pipe namely. Another is chuck type, this kind of cooling system is relatively independent, reach squeeze a barrel design to be chuck type hollow outside receive cooling medium, relatively before one kind lukewarm dominate the result apparent.