How to go knowing coating and the effect that know coating

Published on 2018-06-21

How to go viewing coating and the action that understand coating

The basic idea of coating

1.1 coating are basic concept

Coating is to show Fu of a kind of besmear can form the floorboard of the firm and adherent stock that protects film continuously in object surface, remove adornment and the material that protect a function, main effect is having in national economy and people life, average per capita year the main index that use coating quantity is living standard of a country.

Coating can be mineral already, be like: Copper facing of enamel glair, report, eletroplate galvanization of nickel, report, cement. Also can be organic, be like material of most organic high polymer. Coating of the oily lacquer that the company produces at present, building all uses material of organic high polymer to do felt thing, reason our discussion all is coating of organic high polymer.

The action of 1.2 coating

Fu of besmear of coating course construction at object surface, have protection, adornment and other action through forming not congenial film.

1.2.1 protection action

Thing is exposed in atmosphere, get of classify of oxygen, water erode, cause rustily, lumber decency of decayed, cement destroy a phenomenon. Besmear in thing surface with coating, form certain diaphragm, can be prevented or these happening that destroy a phenomenon mix defer development, make the life of all sorts of material is able to lengthen.

1.2.2 adornment action

The coating on the thing besmear with different qualitative capable person, attainable multicoloured, gorgeous exterior, have the effect of beautification mankind surroundings.

Action of 1.2.3 special functions

If have,coating still has a lot of special effect besides having above protection and adornment to make in order to the mouldproof, antistatic, dew that prevent a knot, anti-fouling, anticorrosive, radiation-proof and the function such as the radioactivity outside conductivity, wetability, Yuan Gong. So coating is producing mainer and mainer effect in each domains.

The composition of 1.3 coating and classification

1.3.1 coating are comprised

No matter the function of coating, configuration and utility if basic composition can express how to express place to show to fall:

, face lacquer, clear-lacquering lacquer.

④ presses a function: Adornment coating, preservative coating, electric coating, antirust coating, high temperature resistant the coating, adiabatic coating, fire retardant coating, mouldproof, dew that prevent a knot.

⑤ presses utility: Building coating, car coating, plane coating, home appliance coating, carpentry coating, bridge painting, plastic coating, paper coating.

Can see from inside utility classification, building paint is a category in coating type only, it is the coating that shows besmear outfit is building component part to go up, include inside wall, outside level ground of wall, ground, smallpox, have painting of ability in swimming, also have oily painting, felt content has organic matter, mineral, modified compound etc. The coating of makes felt thing with organic matter a kind of building that emulsioni paint is ability in swimming only.

The distinction of 1.4 coating and lacquer and connection

Although the topic about “ coating and paint ” already was talked about old. Still have no an unified, science, standard up to now limit. Be opposite inside course of study “ coating ” and understanding of “ paint ” are unified all the time, there is the term level of “ coating ” only in the term clause of national level however. And the term standard that does not have “ paint ” or “ lacquer ” . And the outside paints to “ coating ” and “ inside the course of study of understanding much unlike of ” in that way, they often come to both cent rift, think “ coating ” is different from “ paint ” , it is two kinds of different products.

The as disparate as two kinds of the outside understanding inside course of study not only the disorder that creates commodity character, also cause the disorder of industry property. Have more very person, allegedly some local government press “ paint ” combustible explode easily danger is tasted give strict control, and “ coating ” is not tasted with danger try to manage. Then, a few newly-built paint manufacturer begin to get the chance of policy, what produce obviously is solvent lacquer, but “ does not name paint factory ” when building a factory to name, and name wait for ” of company of ” of “ paint factory or paint of “ special type. This is the flaw on the government that causes because of the disorder of basic idea really.

Somebody thinks coating is coating of ability in swimming, it is cheap coating, and paint is high-grade, it is a kind of wrong understanding actually, old times paint says paint, because inchoate coating basically is,be main raw material with grease and natural colophony.