Market of export of carpentry machine tool values numerical control trend apparent

Published on 2019-05-11

Carpentry machine tool is one of 8 group of machine tool industry, the metallic cutting machine tool of the others, cast machine tool of figuration of mechanical, metal, abrasive to grind, electric equipment of quantity cutting tool, machine tool (embody numerical control system) , machine tool accessory (contain scroll function part) often pay close attention to. As furniture market fervent, carpentry machine tool also follows flourishing to rise, especially machine tool of numerical control, efficient, high spirit, environmental protection carpentry is equipment more accept favour.

Export market is valued

Carpentry machine tool basically is the cutting treatment facilities that curiums from log analyse becomes the place in wood process to use to treatment. Basically use at the production branch such as building, furniture and wooden door. Carpentry machine tool can be divided curium for carpentry sander of machine of chamfer of drilling machine of milling machine of lathe of planer of machine, carpentry, carpentry, carpentry, carpentry, machine opening tenon, tenon, carpentry, and the subsidiary engine that nap, blade grinds carpentry cutting tool.

Because be cutting equipment, carpentry machine tool curiums to log analyse has crucial effect into wood. Can be imagined, carpentry machine tool curiums the Cheng Mu goods of analyse if appearance has a problem, can cause not beautiful, be in especially industry of door of furniture, wood, can let an enterprise waste a lot of raw material, bring needless pecuniary loss to the enterprise.

At present domestic woodworker teachs with Shandong Qingdao, Guangdong human relations relatively concentration. Since reforming and opening, the old state-owned company previously changes in succession make, change manages a concept, resemble Harbin woodworker, group of Suzhou blessing horse, shanxi Yu second hot press factory, machinery plant of project of Shandong power Hai Mu, qingdao woodworker head office, complete change runs system for the market.

The impetus of exit of carpentry machine tool of our country is very fierce, staple market is given priority to with country of the third world, southeast Asia, south Asia area is given priority to, some quality are better export America even, european market. Anyhow, the woodworker development of our country had had very big rise, but ability still must enhance on quality of machine of alive bound wood forest occupy position.

Indeed such, industry of carpentry machine tool still remains internationalization. Machine tool of carpentry of development numerical control should conform with international, in order to achieve software of numerical control of home, abroad general, and numerical control equipment specializations the respect such as the technology of level, form a complete set that connects line and automation wants to standardize, so that realize crossing-over.

The respect such as the friendly function of the open mode degree that if knife library is medium,the amount of cutting tool, speed that change a knife, automation grinds knife system, software and interface wants to standardize. System of process designing expert, breakdown is deployed to diagnose system, parameter in numerical control system automatic set and cutting tool run a system automatically, forecast computation function, get used to faintness to control a function to wait oneself, make machine tool of numerical control carpentry more intelligence is changed. Applied multimedia technology makes control a system to have the capacity of integrated processing sound, character, image and video information, make can implement a system of equipment of site of real time monitoring, production applause to diagnose and produce process parameter to monitor etc. Be in Europe, the research of machine tool of numerical control carpentry already moved toward numerical control to machine product line from stand-alone, in each treatment process that numerical control technology already permeated the product such as furniture to produce. How compositive change form product line dimensions, it is course of study of machine tool of our country carpentry henceforth another new exploration.

Numerical control trend is clear

The number that the requirement that numerical control machine tool is a spare parts treatment, measure and dimension change with code shows, through information carrier (like punched tape) input special computer, through processing and computation, give out all sorts of control signal to dominate the action of the machine tool, ask to come out spare parts treatment automatically by blueprint. It can have programme controll and the control that assist a function not only, and can undertake coordinate is controlled, it is 20 centuries a kind of when technology of integrated application computation, automata technology, nicety measures 30 time and the advanced technique development such as machine tool design rises new-style machine tool.

What compete as the market is more and more intense, the requirement of efficient, high spirit is increasing also. Carpentry machine tool moves toward numerical control to change, also became inevitable market to direct with the trend.