Akesunuobeier and Ai Shi must stop annex discussion

Published on 2019-05-11

Akesunuobeier and Ai Shi must announce now, both sides stops a company amalgamative topic for discussion. Ai Shi expresses in a be in statement: Two companies cannot reach “ consistent. After two coating produce business to report in ” of daily of “ wall street, announced the negotiation October 30.

Presiding apparitor Thierry Vanlancker expresses: Nobel of “ A Kesu is dedicated the strategy that rises at prospective business growth and gain chooses “ .

Ai Shi expresses so that president holds presiding apparitor Charles Shaver concurrently, “ we cannot be reached according to the clause that accords with our standard trade. ” his complement says, these “ standards include to be hold person the higher income before creation comparing is amalgamative. ”

Incorporate this effort that also is regarded to be Akesunuobeier tries to prevent PPG industry company to bid again, to Akesunuobeier the company is in what spring declined PPG industry company to buy. Lawrence · Alexander expresses the analyst, akesunuobeier – Ai Shi must trade “ is a logical move, provide charming synergism and good strategic adaptability, but the opportunity makes clear Akesunuobeier to the board of directors does not want to be bought and lose independent ” .

According to Holand law, PPG may bid to Akesunuobeier December. Nevertheless, whether does PPG plan to buy Akesunuobeier again still ambiguous. PPG tall canal and analyst guess, won’t have new bid at present at least. In PPG 10 month on conference of quarterly earnings telephone, the chairman holds presiding apparitor Michael McGarry concurrently to tell investor, ” we had gone from inside amalgamative draft resolution, and be opposite purchase channel well-content. ”

The McCarthy of analyst Kevin · of Vertical Research Partners expresses: “ if PPG is interested in buy Akesu again, they are done very outstandingly. At the same time “ considers ” the determined manner of A Kesu board of directors, when this col, we won’t incorporate with Akesu again. ”