Coating of international of henry Si Mai exhibits the key on technical seminar to introduce its muti_function coating is solved

Published on 2019-05-11

Coating of 2017 China International is exhibited hold at was in Chinese Shanghai to 17 days on November 15, 2017, the chemical solution supplier with banner whole world henry Si Mailiang photograph this one international top class grand meeting, exhibited ministry of career of subordinate and advanced material and the combination of solution of comprehensive and most advanced coating that ministry of functional product career develops.

Si Mai’s handpick item on display includes henry: The agent of solidify of ARA®Cool series low temperature that ministry of advanced material career develops and latex of oxygen of ARALDITE® lake be surrounded by mountains and agent of solidify of oxygen of ARADUR® lake be surrounded by mountains, and the JEFFAMINE® that ministry of functional product career develops gets together product of ether amine series, all hold an exceedingly good function concurrently gender and but durative, its exhibited a stage to leave deep impression to the person that look around.

As ability in swimming low VOC coating makes the trend of entire industry increasingly, product of environmental protection ability in swimming is increasing, market competition is intense with each passing day. Regard established industry as one of leaders, the solution that Hengsimaidi offers has tall productivity not only, still come true effectively high-powered affect the balance between with low environment.

To explain a company better in the market distinct advantage, henry Si Mai’s expert chaired thorough technology twice to reveal. Rollout was held in the morning on November 16, come from henry Si Mai the character that the Dai Yueping of ministry of advanced material career introduced agent of solidify of ARA®Cool series low temperature to audience, the key introduced this product breakthrough on speed of the solidify when 0°C-10°C. Dai Yueping expresses: New product of “ this series solved the 3 big crucial difficult problem that coating industry faces: Solidify rate raises below microtherm condition, reduce volatile VOC, and of the code of European Union REACH after 2018 close compasses.

Agent of solidify of ARA®Cool low temperature can raise solidify rate, can save time and cost already, do not affect performance again. This series includes agent of 3 kinds of solidify, avery kind of has the character of demand of diversification of user of some kind of contented terminal: ARA®Cool1047W80 has fine watch face to bear a gender, ARA®Cool1034XW90 is had longer can handle time, and ARA®Cool3077 is a kind of multipurpose agent of solidify of 0 VOC low temperature.

That day afternoon, hengsimaiya too the JEFFAMINE® that area technology manager Dr. Jiang Mochao introduced to be used at annulus oxygen latex in detail gets together the character of ether amine and advantage. Ginger doctor is in assembly room, introduced world of henry Si Mai’s banner innovation and engineering technology to audience key, especially ministry of functional product career develops the most extensive on the world get together combination of ether amine product. JEFFAMINE® gets together the viscosity of ether amine and colour and lustre are inferior, flexibility and tenacity are taller, and operate easily. JEFFAMINE® gets together combination of ether amine product has different member quantity, functionality, repeat unit type and distributing, recipe stylist makes up a variety of new-style compound or mixture usably.

JEFFAMINE® gets together combination of ether amine product has two exhibit. JEFFAMINE®M series can pass the reaction of amine and annulus oxygen, to annulus oxygen advocate the hydrophily of catenary structure tries to change, realize epoxy resin thereby from emulsification, ask in order to help contented code to the set limit to of ” of content of volatile organic compound of painting system “ . And JEFFAMINE®RFD-270 is a kind those who be used at annulus oxygen coating and adhesive is new-style get together ether amine, can provide advanced performance for client recipe.

Begin to hold from 1996, china International coating is exhibited be taken seriously by the height of industry, become the grand meeting of global the first of all. What exhibit as China International coating is fixed postpone business, hengsimaili uses this one platform and whole world by tens of thousands professional personage communicates knowledge and industry to have an insight into inside course of study. Besides introducing the newest, most advanced product to the person that look around, company of henry Si Mai still is exhibited in the China International coating this year went up to have development communication with the audience inside course of study.