The analysis forecasts the dilemma that industry of furniture of prospective real wood will face

Published on 2019-05-11

Current situation of real wood furniture is analysed

Although real wood furniture is contemporary household decker people the furniture product that loves finally, but the foundation is current in light of the development state of affairs of industry of real wood furniture in the market, relevant expert analysis shows, in before long industry of furniture of prospective real wood will face a few dilemma, how to foretell ahead of schedule do these predicament give counsel to walk out of these predicament? The predicament that this returns so that be about to be faced with from industry of real wood furniture speaks of.

The first, company of real wood furniture overruns

Real wood furniture of China is in 10 old development processes, attracting numerous company component to feed with huge market demand and extremely low industry doorsill, hot market facilitated short-term inside of furniture of Chinese real wood expand with flush. This theres is no lack of among them the transition of a few midway of medium and small businesses that make board type furniture make real wood furniture; In the meantime, a lot of large companies also become really interested, adopt diversity to develop strategy, furniture of will real wood develops way as, undertake product catenary widening, make the administrative difficulty of the enterprise greater and greater. This kind follows suit the actuation action that pursues interest, for a gleam of each are made the same score in big market added a large number of new real wood brand, market of real wood furniture becomes because of this more scattered, regional competition is intense with each passing day, appear more confused with respect to a muddleheaded furniture industry situation originally, in industry of so troubled real wood furniture country and the management with centralized neither one and regulations system.

The 2nd, coessential change competition to cannot get a change

Current, the company of furniture of numerous fact wood in the market lacks clear market fixed position and strategic direction quite, imitate blindly thereby, borrowed become a common practice, make coessential the soft costal region that changes competition to become real wood furniture to be overcome hard. Of real wood furniture coessential change reflect not only in mount of craft, technology, design, bag, display kind with respect to what connect its exhibition hall, of the salesperson guide buy like be the same as etc; So serious coessential the most immediate consequence that changes competition to bring about is: The product impression that the market and consumer produce to the enterprise is ambiguous, product sales volume is not carried, do not use those who say company brand to model.

The 3rd, the shortage of raw material of real wood furniture sends cost violent wind to rise

According to forestry bureau relevant and professional personage expresses, market of furniture of our country real wood the dosage to rare wood, exceeded our country tree to become a useful person far gross. To protect silvan natural resources, branch of our country forestry is increasingly strict to the examine and verify of fell trees; Meanwhile, the channel that our country log imports also increases limitation as country of each big timber production and suffocate suffocate, this virtually makes the market value of real wood furniture quite high, and because lack base material, a lot of enterprises cannot have the production of real wood furniture at all.

The 4th, market of troubled real wood furniture becomes target of public criticism

As the rapid growth of company of real wood furniture, of primary brand rise without limit violent wind, the amount of real wood furniture is far already exceed its due consumption capacity. To promote sales volume, each businessman thinks a method to acclaim real wood topic, not hesitate with battle of price war, sales promotion, even the spot destroys the market of ultra method race to control such as the experiment. In addition, rise as violent wind of price of real wood raw material reach new standard of real wood furniture to come on stage, look forward to of real wood home must risk the venture that violates compasses be punished, hit edge ball greatly, undesirable impression was caused to wait a moment in consumer heart; So various troubled market, make the travel when companies of a few high grade real wood furniture can not get favorable already environment grows.

Face the dilemma that place of company of real wood furniture is about to face, is company of real wood furniture in next in the process ought to thought a few what? Will tell as the enterprise, the nature that can do fluctuates in him product only kongfu, real timber industry can take the way of style of new Chinese style, give priority to with the product of real wood furniture of style of contracted Chinese style dozen, achieve the effect with economic qualitative material, company of furniture of in addition real wood still can take narrow way for instance area is changed, eliminate the company of real wood furniture with a few actual strength and not quite good quality ceaselessly, expand brand industry chain slowly.