Start industry of board type furniture in all tomorrow

Published on 2019-05-11

Mu language starts industry of board type furniture in all tomorrow president firm our industry is inchoative on May 6, 2011 at the carpenter this old profession, now this industry is covered however, presenting manual mill, modern industry, and a variety of configuration such as the rudiment of informatization industry, walk in this industry be just as pass through spatio-temporal.

We although today’s industrial dimensions has ranked the world the first, but, we remain a dimensions very dispersive, the idea still closes quite, backward, the pound that lacks industrial civilization is thin, concentrated with dimensions, and the spirit of close division of labor and cooperation, more the concentration of the elite enterprise of industrialized times after lacking what indicate with information melt into and lead, and open and include, blend and interact, and the concept that can develop with low carbon continuously and action!

Where is our hope and direction and our development latent capacity representing of industry of board type furniture’s real modern industry, it can be used efficient, system of the modernest automatic serial production, OK and shirt-sleeve large-scale custom-built the personalized requirement that changes mode to satisfy people, the new-style citizen estate that makes our great majority transforms a town by the country uses the furniture product that makes to truly modern industry; It uses the silvan resource that grows quickly from ourselves land entirely almost, reach its man-made board product, it is the means with counterforce promoted our forest to enclothe of rate rise, and our Chinese lives, the afforest of surroundings, the scientific progress of this one industry, also agreed with current world green and mild development trend actually this is one is full of the industry that hope and has development latent capacity extremely, but if want to pick,take this laurel, we this industry still needs particularly: The first, develop the innovation, enterprising, open, drive that include and dedicates, the criterion of honesty of carry out travel, be as good as one’s word, will promote the orderly competition of the development of the enterprise and market with this; The 2nd, need organic, the whole of synergic win-win, this also needs a platform among them (allied) , cooperate in order to promote the communication between the enterprise, conduct market development, coruscate trade group is the tremendous energy of contain of the place when an organic whole; The 3rd, encourage the division of labor of industrial inside and outside and cooperation, swim up and down of industrial catenary interactive with conformity, industrial development and rise suddenly need everybody to struggle jointly, cooperate in all Zou.

Just ring down the curtain satisfactorily through what hold successfully ” furniture of Chinese board type develops forum ” this platform, very glad, we went one case again. Be participated in what await everybody jointly and try hard, henceforth, hope we go nearlier, more close together!

Let us cherish and capture the history to bestow our development good chance, do big our industry and market, the happiness that shares us to be achieved in all hand in hand tomorrow!