Analyse trend of industry of prospective international package machine

Published on 2019-05-11

It is mechanical function diversity. Product of industry and commerce already incline to is delicate change reach diversity, in big environment metabolic situation falls, diversity, flexibility is changed and the packer that has a variety of switch functions is planted just can get used to market demand.

2 it is group of structural design standardization, model is changed. Make full use of group of original model model changes a design, new model can be changed inside short time

3 it is to control intelligence to change. At present package machine manufacturer uses controller of PLC power load generally, although PLC is stretch very big, but still did not have computer (contain software) has powerful function.

4 it is structural high accuracy is changed. The issue such as structural design and structural movement control closes the actor bad of package machine function, can control through motor, coder and number (NC) , dynamical load is controlled (PLC) wait for tall accurate controller to finish, moderate land makes a product outspread, install equipment direction research and development toward the bag of high-tech industry.

Prospective package machine must be had muti_function, adjust an operation to wait for a condition simply, the intelligence that is based on computer instrument will become food to pack the new trend of controller. Accordingly, want to pack the market to acquire position in future, efficient client service and mechanical maintenance will be one of conditions of the mainest competition.