The future of industry of analytic package machine develops a tendency

Published on 2019-05-11

The industry that the demand of the industry that pack changes to often accompanying a country grows. As we have learned, the United States was the whole world 2010 country of the biggest spending that pack, consumptive total amounts to 137 billion dollar, china is 80 billion dollar. According to the analysis, china surmounted hopeful the United States 2017, make the world the first.

Our country packs industrial structure to undertake ceaselessly adjustment as the development of automation industry, while the technology progresses, also came true to be able to develop change of new-style industrialized road continuously quickly. Produce the promotion of precision and efficiency as the product that pack, our country is full automatic 2013 packer market prospect also has new change.

Current, the great majority in the packer that our country place uses is common packer. Common packer amount is huge, safe problem is highlighted. So, safe problem becomes the one large block that restricts its to develop. Increase safety performance, raise level of packer intrinsic safety, solve automation degree hair of frequency of accident of harm of inferior, personnel, safe level the issue with not high efficiency of inferior, production.

After common packer finishs automation to transform, the treatment efficiency that can improve packer considerably and automation, intelligence changes rate. Reduced handlers to contact the possibility of dangerous place; Operating system and operation interface more and more the requirement that accords with ergonomics, the error that can reduce handlers effectively is led, reduce the accident that produces because of error. After packer classics automation is transformed, safety performance gets clear improvement, accident rate is reduced significantly, will bring tremendous safe benefit.

The basis transforms experience before, after common packer automation is transformed, packer efficiency rises apparently. So a packer needs one individual control, a worker after transforming can be held at the same time accuse two packer. In the meantime, precision of the treatment after packer classics is transformed rises considerably, reduce significantly by the percent defective that factitious error causes. And, reduced labor intensity of the worker, saved able-bodied person, shortened cycle of new product trial-produce and production are periodic, bring enormous economic benefits to the enterprise.

From the point of the development of packer industry, reproducing is full automatic the most effective method that packer uses again. Home is at present full automatic packer market is huge, should apply new technology to undertake transforming to traditional industry, can raise a technology to innovate to still can develop burgeoning property quickly not only.

Full automatic package machine is a kind of machine that undertakes to commodity brand value is produced, because pack the core concept that those who deliver is an enterprise, those who conveyed the market appeal to beg, accordingly, consumer is right full automatic this one problem takes the quality of package machine seriously particularly. As the world full automatic what the technology of package machine oneself innovates is ceaseless accelerate, diversification, generalization, muti_function compositive those who change is full automatic package machine system makes development trend.