The robot that pack or will welcome flying opportunity

Published on 2019-05-11

Introduction: Current, our country has made the trade that pack the 2nd big country, but space power still has a paragraph of very long distance. Because package technology and facility,this basically is those who go up is not quite advanced cause. The standard of living of people rises ceaselessly now, pack to the product take seriously more and more.

The automation that pack is the mainstream that industry of current industry manufacturing industry grows, in the process that comes true in integral automation, outside controlling a system to will welcome development opportunity except automation, the main executant of product line, pack a robot to also will welcome flying opportunity namely.

Robot of the industry that pack basically uses at volume is large and unwieldy thing carry, assemble and unassemble and pile a code to wait. Robot of the industry that pack returns those who be used at the clean product that human body cannot contact to pack, be like food, medicines and chemical reagents, especially biological product and microbial preparation and harmful to human body industrial chemicals. As the implementation of the maturity of robot technology and industrialization, make the range that the robot uses in field of the engineering that pack wider and wider.

The robot on market basically has now:

Bagging robot is baseplate secures circumgyrate type, airframe can rotate 360 degrees, carry by what manipulator finishs the bag that pack, bag, metric, fill up, seam bag and give out caboodle code. This is a kind of intelligence changes the taller robot that pack.

Case machine mankind is like bagging robot, the case of general metal and vitreous container packs box robot to finish with tigidity. Type of organic to the capture that case packs instrument attracts type compatibly two kinds. It but whole is mobile. Undertake capture or adsorption to package, send a person to appoint next locally in the box that pack or tray. It provides the function with tropism of in the right way and self-adjusting position, can come true without box not discharging and direction adjust. This kind of robot is a kind of relatively mature robot, application is very wide. Be like beverage, beer, cosmetic, cigarette.

Stacking machine implement the person is the robot with a kind of greater power. Requirement stability and balance sex are taller. Have in its capture orgnaization lock up a function oneself, in order to ensure the capture from a few kilograms of goods to a few tons is firm and reliable, it still has the parameter of time, position and force to control a system, through the control of set the program comes true.

Fill outfit robot is after one kind fills container liquid stock, undertake the metric, robot that is defeated by lid, gland and knowledge to fasten. It is had do not be defeated without bottle makings, do not build do not be defeated by bottle, broken bottle to call the police to wait for a function with automatic eliminate. In the past we the fill outfit of stock of a lot of liquids basically is the local function that uses this kind of robot one by one manipulator is installed go up at product line, now, already was what this kind of robot direct configuration produces main engine in stock is hind, come true its are automatic fill outfit. Fill installs a robot to have the branch of flexible package and rigid package. What analyse here is robot of outfit of rigid package fill.

Pack carry a robot to basically show in the industry that pack plastic bottle is packed carry used robot, it is the transportation that uses motivation and shell of special component part implementation, hold the bag in bottle bucket bottle sheet fast output is arranged, give a specific power next. Make shell is well and truly in sky arrive through parabola course fill up workpiece. This kind of robot changed traditional machine conveyor form. Make carry speed to accelerate, carry a space to reduce. Be a kind brand-new the robot of the concept that pack. Its have the aid of realizes what its carry operation at aerodynamics and special and mechanical component.

Nowadays, package machine with each passing day automation, and the technology that the robot regards automation technology as to have competition ability most, suit the job of repeatability, fast sex, accuracy, dangerous sex. Additional, the manufacturer hopes to seek lower manufacturing cost. The robot is held the position of naturally have this important role, can cause cost not only because of the robot lower, and also can bring taller flexibility.

As the robot that pack by more and more company place know, because its are agile,will have more person with reliable advantage choice uses it, the robot will replace a lot of traditional facility, become the important assistant of the domain that pack.