Board type furniture opens makings mode new thinking

Published on 2018-06-21

The issue with the small volume recovery in Cheng. Author: Li Jun edits Huang Xiangliang: Chen Haomiao Huang Xiangliang, master, industry of health city furniture promotes engineer of center of bureau furniture research and development south Jiangxi sparrow; Li Jun, doctor, furniture of Nanjing forestry university and industry design academic professor.

Open the principal process that expecting is production of board type furniture.

The discretion of its volume recovery is concerning directly the utilization rate of cost and material. To raise volume recovery, the professional personage in academia and industry did a lot of relevant research, also obtained a few positive result at the same time. The relevant product that for instance Guangzhou circle just develops. But these research more it is the panel that is aimed at dimension of existing certain already standards will undertake discharging expecting optimizing, in order to achieve faster volume recovery. Whether somebody ever had considered, or whether somebody has encountered this kind of situation, no matter how the panel of some norms dimension discharges cloth, volume recovery is not fast. At this moment, we need to cast the traditional thinking that raises volume recovery temporarily — form of cloth of change panel platoon, because not be us,did not discharge good, the number that the germ of the problem depends on these dimension itself, place discharging panel most and their assorted form, actually this ability is the germ of the problem! That what dimension and the panel combination of how many amount discharge makings ability to come true to expect volume recovery is highest the article is planted according to this train of thought, use a program to seek the analytic means of solution, with a kind simple board type chest is the exemple is progressively discuss the panel measure that how gets best volume recovery simply and number buy.

The basic idea that 1 program seeks solution and train of thought a lot of decision-making ask select at resource best configuration problem. In if be in,running an activity, how to use limited labor power reasonably. The resource such as material resources, financial capacity, in order to get best economic result. Achieve yield namely highest, profit the smallest, resource spends the biggest, cost the smallest wait for best target, and the optimizes the limited natural resources that is a kind of model best configuration problem of volume recovery. The program that the article uses Excel begs solution function to analyse plank the problem of best volume recovery, to load must be carried before using grand ” command to load this function.

In Excel, it is OK that the program seeks solution figure ground explanation is optimized to make get in certain and unit case (the biggest change or the smallest change) the value of a certain target. The program seeks solution (model) include 3 shares: Target unit division, alterable and unit case and tie.

(1) target unit division: Represent purpose or end, optimize flow here is namely best (the biggest) volume recovery.

Alterable and unit case: Those who point to is we can be changed in form or adjust in order to optimize the unit case of target unit division. Be like the product measure here.

Tie: It is park the limitative condition in alterable and unit case, be like the product measure scope here.

2 analysises object the article with a relatively simple board type 3 chest are analytic object. Main part includes by board, top motherboard. Door plank, clapboard, shelf. Baseboard and back brace. Set chest height 2032 millimeter 2376 millimeter; Deepness 486 millimeter

Additional, change to reduce parameter most, simplify operation, use ” change approximately ” method, namely height of ark of approximate and corresponding Yu Yi, width mixes size of each spare parts depth size, be like by board width and Dou are spent be equal to chest deepness and height to wait approximately. Set chest baseboard is wide for 64 millimeter, back brace is wide for 150 millimeter.

Here, the problem that optimizes makings volume recovery begs the chest width that solves this chest to have best volume recovery inside above span namely. Deepness. High dimension and shelf are counted.

3 optimized flow above to have a description to optimizing an object, decided the measurement standards span of 3 chest. Can undertake optimizing an analysis to this chest next. Strive is in place is given the issue the chest measure that has best volume recovery norms inside limits, its optimize flow to basically divide 3 paces: ① imitate platoon expects, decide material of least bad news counts buy: ② establishs formula of volume recovery computation. ③ builds program model and seek solution.

3.1 imitate platoon expects, material of affirmatory and least bad news is counted most imitate platoon makings. Preliminary and affirmatory number of material of least bad news.

The rectangular nest software that this software is a major is wrapped. Basically use the optimal cut means of computational material, in order to avoid waste. Often be used at the panel such as metal, glass and furniture reduce hit the point, its optimize a principle is to change place to want to cut cut panel into parts the platoon stuff kind on panel of certain measure raw material, compare the volume recovery of every kinds of means next, reach best volume recovery and corresponding panel discharge stuff kind quite finally, handlers needs to click only advocate the “Auto in the interface ” pushbutton can be obtained automatically best curium cut way.

If what show, main flow is: Lifetime of setting parameter data-in becomes kind of best platoon stuff and result data.