Decode package machine how to be far from heat shoots disease

Published on 2019-05-11

These days successive violent wind raises air temperature, the person that the part resists ability is differred has had sweltering appearance because of successive high temperature, longitudinal heatstroke makes the person appears disgusting, dazed, lack of power phenomenon, weigh a spent joint performance to change heat to shoot disease, still stand fast to also wanted to notice in the package machine of working a gleam of below high temperature, how be far from warm up disease, also become the topic with current main package machine.

The phenomenon of n in short supply often appears below summertime high temperature, cause the unexpected power failure of equipment easily, cause huge menace so easily to equipment, a lot of clients to can have more efficient result, let our package machine 24 hours undertake operating, the structural system of the device that gives us also caused certain harm, such also greatly the work efficiency that reduced us, breakdown also is met grow in quantity, the tall hair that the summer is package machine breakdown period, also kept our maintenance master worker very busy, a little likely and broad client cannot be maintained in time, because this advertisement makes a client,should understand more maintenance knowledge.

1. Operate what personnel must pass major to groom, eligible and rear but mount guard.

2. Equipment should be overhauled to whether have trouble before equipment moves every time, stop work of package machine in spite of illness.

3. Package machine should periodic undertakes maintain and be maintenanced, the service life that lets us so can longer.

4. Package machine also should have time of work and rest.

Precautionary heat shoots disease, allow package machine can more convenient, quicker serve for broad client.