Trend of diversity of fine differentiation of gourmet powder product is increasingly clear

Published on 2019-05-11

Introduction: Come 10 years, gourmet powder industry reachs more than current 20 from more than 200 conformity, this kind of integrated trend still will continue. He expresses, besides the element such as environmental protection requirement, the commercial pattern of the enterprise also is the key that the industry survives, we are engaged in amylaceous, amylaceous candy not only ferment, the production of corn oil, still undertake biology ferments at the same time fat production, begin sewage disposal, catenary of will whole industry spins and perforative rise. As we have learned, the company that at present home forms pattern of this kind of trade besides mound outside abundant group, have wintersweet group only.

Recently, industry letter ministry released 19 industry industry to fall into disuse backward produce can goal assignment, make gourmet powder falls into disuse backward produce can pace is accelerated considerably. The reporter interviews discovery yesterday, sit firmly former days ” head is replaced the gourmet powder of ” of an ancient folding chair by the product such as gallinaceous essence almost, old market dark battle makes deadlock of gourmet powder defect.

Reporter in 5 crossing area of sale of some large supermarket dressing sees yesterday, madam the home is happy, happy waited for card of high-quality goods of a lot of chicken to hold major goods shelves, and gourmet powder is only Gong Mei, madam happy, lotus 3 brands. The gourmet powder of clean content 100g marks a price 2 yuan or so, and the gallinaceous essence price of equal weight is controlled basically for 5 yuan. Teach of citizen Zhu Shi says frankly, “Dish of the cooking in memory uses gourmet powder, so old since basic and changeless, say the price is low again, and gallinaceous essence also is bought, but when cooking now and then just use, often food has done ability to remember forgot to put gallinaceous essence ” . Under photograph comparing, to diet quite cultured Ms. Feng expresses, bao Shang Quan stir-fries to use gallinaceous energy at ordinary times in the home, the feeling accords with the demand that pays attention to healthy, nutrition.

Raw material rises in price not to retreat manufacturing hard cost to rise stage by stage continuously

In recent years, our country produces the agitation that encountered raw material rises in price in dressing, from 2006 second half of the year arrives now, of raw material rise ceaselessly, market price case substantially fluctuant, affected the sale of dressing production and market greatly. In the meantime, manage to the standardization of dressing enterprise as the country, occupation standard of each subclass product publishs dressing in succession, dressing makes with makings is more and more normative. After like gallinaceous essence occupation standard comes on stage, to chicken and azotic content the regulation of two good target, make the chicken of entire industry purificatory consummate rises substantially originally, gallinaceous essence is about to be faced with entire industry to rise in price greatly. Look into prospective market, the trend that dressing price will appear as the rise of cost of its raw material to rise continuously.

From the sale current situation of the each subclass market of dressing and pattern, and dressing subclass market and latent capacity analysis:

Soy is Chinese dressing in the biggest product, crop held dressing gross 50% the left and right sides, amount to 6 million tons of above, relative to stable production company throughout the country has 2700, soy industry has moved toward phase of two class become divided at present, limited company of adviser of sale of Guangzhou name path is forecasted, henceforth 5 years soy market will be sea day, Li Jin is written down, flavour thing is amounted to etc a few are being hit go all out, the decisive battle of soy overlord should be controlled 2012, and more soy enterprises will make area brand, or the branch that becomes strong company, of course, go stick a card to create a company also can yet be regarded as a good outlet.

The industry that feed vinegar by appear on the market company Hengshun is gotten all the way run, vinegar kind product total capacity has the tendency that rises quickly. Shanxi one enterprise changes pack, locate afresh, reduce the high-grade market that feed vinegar, initiate new sale pattern to the industry. High devoted high yield tastes dressing enterprise, if the operation is careful,should be feasible, enterprise of a dressing of the home before this is passed concentrated model advertisement is devoted, strong pull move terminal to consume growth, also be successful case. Fruit vinegar, health care vinegar passes a few years of rapid development, will meet henceforth for a strong product. At present Guangdong, henan and other places, the market appears rapid growth momentum.

Gallinaceous energy industry, include powder of gallinaceous essence chicken, still have gallinaceous flavour sauce, be in the situation that the tycoon sets up a separatist regime by force of arms already basically. Market of Hua Dong, China north, madam happy force is extremely powerful, market of energy of chicken of auspicious of southwest market a person of extraordinary powers or endowments is stable, position of happy market of home of Hua Na market still firm; However, the area with strong regnant brand, do not mean without the opportunity, the strategy analyses a thought to think the most dangerous place is the safest, the Hua Dong market below is affected in situation of madam Le Jiang, jiangsu an enterprise, pass a key to break through, site polymerization, run long end theory truly, gained satisfactory victory; This also explains, gallinaceous essence kind product, the market still has the space that grow.