Industry of our country woodworker upgrades detect the technology is core

Published on 2019-05-11

The development of Chinese woodworker industry via ten years course, already became to have now hold the balance positional industry. Appear as a result of new technology ceaselessly and apply, the market share of traditional technique product is in drop off, those who replace is high grade efficient mix automatically semi-automatic machine tool, woodworker industry grows ahead with the impetus of high spirit, efficient numerical control, environmental protection. Meanwhile, as the wide application of hard alloy material, the development of carpentry cutting tool is mature with each passing day, detect related the technology also appeared new breakthrough.

Nevertheless, level of our country woodworker relatively abroad still is put in difference, so technology of reform woodworker production is the difficult problem that entire industry faces. Chinese woodworker moves toward the world truly, be about to absorb foreign advanced technique, join particular case of China, home of base oneself upon, take the way that ego develops, development has the new product of independent intellectual property, enhance international competition ability, this also is industry of our country woodworker just pull ceaselessly likely go up with the world nearly the distance of the developed country.

In this process, the quality of carpentry cutting tool detects have very important sense, because the quality blemish of cutting tool affects the quality of treatment and efficiency not only, and cause serious machinery and person accident possibly still. Current, to carpentry cutting tool detect still finish generally by artificial range estimation, its detect efficiency is low, trival and complex, and detect the manpower cost of personnel and administrative cost rise ceaselessly, of this kind of tradition detect artificially mode has not followed to go up phasic development.

Nowadays, what favour of more and more carpentry tool manufacturer change at choosing intelligence is automatic detect equipment. Shoot up in raw material cost, hire the test that waits for a problem hard to fall, numerous enterprise is contended for choose detect advancedly equipment is replaced detect artificially, borrow this to reduce production to detect cost, improve manufacturing efficiency, establish company image.