New material leads new trend

Published on 2018-06-21

Bribe of type of S of technology of Li of 6 plaque man-made provided development forum the corresponding period to hold the 6th Chinese to build board development forum, forum is buckled closely ” new material, new technology, new technology leads board type furniture to upgrade development ” theme, through speech of expert scholar theme, enterprise the form such as mutual communication is opposite trend of current industry heat, development, technology application had brains storm.

New material leads major of vice-chairman of association of industry of forest products of new trend China, beaverboard council director Qian Xiaoyu is in ” Chinese man-made board industry development and industry of board type furniture upgrade ” thematic speech middle finger goes out, man-made board industry is the upriver industry catenary of furniture industry, the influence that its expand pair of furniture trades is great. As the main raw material of furniture, the quality discretion of man-made board affects the quality stand or fall of board type furniture directly. The innovation that man-made plank expects, drive Wenkangna (Changzhou) Zhu Changqing of manager of big client of mechanical production limited company the innovation of furniture product, its distinctive function sex and adornment sex, make the new style of contemporary furniture, also changed the manufacturing pattern of the design of furniture product and enterprise, accelerated the standardization of furniture industry, industrialized process greatly. The big batch of man-made board is produced, provide ample raw material supply for board type furniture, those who make furniture of Chinese board type is fast and arisen.

Germany enlighten fragrance Bach Beijing delegate was in chief delegate Liu Shouhua to introduce enlighten fragrance Bach company is in the new technology on man-made board equipment, the new-style system that use gum, economic glue 8% , advanced shop is installed / press system, economic timber 5% , mean the product line that produces per year 200 thousand stere annual and managing lumber 1 kiloton; New technology still can improve plank quality. In the meantime, the wide application prospect that still introduced layer of veneer of particieboard of OSB directional structure, LVL to accumulate the new-style man-made plank such as material.

Guangxi abundant Lin Ren is built board Wang Gaofeng of limited company general manager ” what kind of man-made board the need that product and service ability satisfy furniture industry to develop quickly ” shared oneself together with the person that attend the meeting a few views. The first, the standard builds a product to want a consideration, the standard of man-made board industry should have the development level of apparent feature through two, the 2nd, will tell from practical function, the function is changed, index changes the development that should comply with an industry, man-made board has the difference on the technology, make a standard need to listen to so, the sound that inducts furniture industry, the current situation that wants the industry that add a person and trend will establish our standard; Man-made of the 3rd our enterprise board sale, include product and service, before wanting to make work product service make it, carry out the deepness after medium, carry out serves.

Wenkangna (Changzhou) Zhu Changqing of manager of big client of mechanical production limited company is in ” man-made board sticks new way and new trend quickly ” thematic speech middle finger goes out, at present wife makes the state board the scale of production that stick a face is minor, distributing scattered, belong to labour force production value of concentrated, average per capita is low, technical level is low, plank character is low the industry grows the current situation, appeal the industry that stick a face is not isolated existence at the same time, cannot leave to go up, of the support of downstream industry and industry of relevant form a complete set cooperate, those who need entire industry is close together coordinate final and joint development.

New technology promotes board type furniture to upgrade adviser of doctoral student of major of furniture of university of Bookmark1 Nanjing forestry.

Shenzhen furniture considers to develop courtyard dean to teach Xu Baiming to point out, trend of vicissitude of the market of board type furniture is the progress that produces value model. The development of model of alleged production value, develop namely economic system had come true from element drive mode a series of change: On the base that controls capacity to producing cost essential factor, change uses pattern to investment drive; On the foundation of program rationalize ability, change uses pattern to capital drive, on the ability base that builds clear value position, change uses pattern to innovation drive.

Jin Tianhao strides limited company of wooden industry machinery to carry out chief inspector He Yuming to point out, equipment of machinery of board type furniture should have intelligence to change, the characteristic such as agile, efficient, environmental protection in order to answer the personalized demand of the market. Intelligence is changed is batch is done not have little, but all mechanical metropolises are used inside whole process a few contain computer system, after sending manufacturing data, can control whole factory inside all machinery.

Mechanical equipment should definitely the blame label with fast many processing, achieve efficient and agile characteristic, rise custom-built change efficiency.