Large case study of industry of our country machine tool and foreign company gap

Published on 2019-05-11

Current, it is imperative that high end of industry of our country machine tool is changed, machine tool industry developeds certain level represented rate each respect actual strength of the country, affecting world position of the country. Instantly, the machine tool industry of our country is undertaking new round industry is optimized upgrade, high-end machine tool is one of targets of its key development, the road of the high-end machine tool of our country of dynamic spread out.

China already was big country of production of global machine tool and demand, but domestic major machine tool is given priority to with general accuracy machine tool, numerical control is changed enclothe rate is low, accelerate popularizing numerical control to change a technology will be to solve competition ability of product of company of Chinese native land machine tool weak, profit thin, product is coessential change the important step that waits for industrial difficult problem badly.

Compare with the advanced company posture of Germany, Japan and United States, enterprise of our country machine tool still is put in very big difference, in addition, although a few enterprises of our country were developed in machine tool of high-grade numerical control, but undertake on great majority or the foundation that be made in main body of domestic machine tool and import crucial function part assemble, the technology of research and development in showing we had mastered not completely and production technology. Suffer effect of ability of research and development, in showing level country 80% of system of high-grade numerical control, 90% of system of high-grade numerical control, of machine tool of high-grade numerical control 85% return hang on to be imported from abroad.

Enterprise of our country machine tool and the main reason that abroad puts in very big difference have:

The political environment that is industrial development and past is concerned, level of past state support is insufficient, and the thought of industry too eager to be successful that one sees only the immediate advantage is serious, cause heavy lead plane, small part.

2 be, scientific research throws little, instability. For instance, in domain of a few crucial parts, our a few enterprises also can be done, but they are the functional parts that make high accuracy with general accuracy machine tool, these products also can be used in a few high-grade numerical control above the machine tool, but the stability of its precision and maintain a gender to be no good, plus the problem of raw material and craft level problem. Family abroad’s advanced component can be not changed with 3 years, and domestic component perhaps can be used to a year to had be toed change partly only. This also is to cause market of homebred function component to have the reason with low rate.

Crucial part, fittings is deciding the development of lead plane, closed development of key component, fittings to go up only level, of crucial function component deserve to lead oneself rose, ability forms a batch of machine tools that have stronger competition ability in the world to create a company. We must quicken pace, the innovation that has machine tool technology and upgrade, this also will make the task with our country the mainest manufacturing industry.

Revitalize the machine tool manufacturing industry, inevitable trend that driving its internationalization is industry development. It is Chinese development is carried out in the near future fulfil industrial transition to upgrade plan and strategical the key that burgeoning estate development plans, machine tool manufacturing industry will greet high end to develop good luck period importantly, in national policy encourage and below support, machine tool enterprise should strengthen difference to change competitive dominant position, with the market share that this will come to had been obtained firm. Wait for respect existence difference to turn the company of competitive advantage in Wu of kimono of cost, technology, sale channel only, ability tends in future intense market holds advantage position in competition.