Measure of Chinese environmental protection will be brought to coating industry why to plant good luck

Published on 2018-06-21

Beautiful intermediary says, during what beginning to walk out of nearly 10 years to come in global shipping is the most serious and flat, china saved an act of the earth to make cost impact to this one industry.

Beautiful intermediary says, during what beginning to walk out of nearly 10 years to come in global shipping is the most serious and flat, china saved an act of the earth to make cost impact to this one industry.

Reported on June 27 according to website of company of American Peng rich, 90% what Chinese manufacturer is producing all container that uses on the ship that transports all sorts of finished products and heavy goods to world each district at present, they are global economy progress pull mover. These enterprises are being driven before China will begin to impose environmental protection tax in January 2018, come with coating of ability in swimming spray container. With photograph of oil radical coating is compared, the toxic gas that these coating release is fewer.

The report says, this is an exalted act, but also be a move that makes accident blow to shipping. —— of manufacturer of the 2nd big container gets the better of the whole world Zhang Song voice says the presiding apparitor of limited company of lion crate company, change to use new painting as manufacturer factory machinery equipment, the container of about 70% produces China can have closed stop, this brings about container price and the low photograph last year to be amounted to than jumping 69% .

Piao Wuxian of analyst of firm of investment of Han Yajin be in harmony (sound) say: “ is in shipping just during coruscate gives a few lease of life, this is not the thing that shipping company means, but the value that they also realize an environment really. They will must get used to these changes, even if this is meant,pay higher cost. ”

A lot of years ago, the oil that the scientist uses with respect to cognizance ship and container place base coating comes loose to the gas that give out may bring about greenhouse gas to discharge and endanger worker health, shipbuilding industry is in around turned 2008 the coating of ability in swimming that is use environmental protection. Now, container production company is restricting greenhouse gas to arrange his power for the help.

The report says, convert inside course of study coating of ability in swimming is to was in southern province Guangdong to begin in July 2016, chinese container guild implemented the agreement that aims to reduce volatile organic compound to discharge at that time. Of this agreement concluding a treaty just is China International respectively marine container (group) limited company of limited company of company of Inc. , crate success lion, Xin Huachang group and in sea group invests limited company, cover 46 manufacturer with this 4 big subordinate groups.

To coating production business character, this one change is a good luck. According to getting the better of lion company estimation, about 3.5% what the container of coating of use ability in swimming holds global container sum total only at present.

Company success lion sets 6 cent plant in all in China, at present it had paused among them a few operation that separate a factory, with undertaking transforming to product line. Zhang Song voice says, the China International of —— of the biggest rival that gets the better of lion is marine container (group) Inc. is being adjusted according to afore-mentioned agreements likewise produce can.

Adjust product line to be not the only reason that causes coating shortage. Time of need of coating of ability in swimming comes dry. Be opposite normally 20 feet of container, need 20 hours about dry, and will tell to groovy coating need 4 hours only. Company success lion says, price of coating of ability in swimming is higher, productivity is lower, labour cost is higher.

Company success lion says, the container that the container of coating of use ability in swimming wants to compare use dissolvent coating about is expensive 180 to 200 dollars, each enterprise has thrown ” of “ many capital to transform product line. This company says, the unit price of order of 20 feet of container that it takes last month is 2200 dollars, and last year the price September is low, it is 1300 dollars about.

Assorted of Er of analyst Nai of company of service of research of the finance in the Drew that handles official bussiness in Xin Deli says in tile of · the base of a fruit: “(price) it is OK to rise considerably ascribe is all container manufacturer converts more the water with environmental protection, higher price base painting system. ”

The report says, higher cost can let containner shipping course of study probably be critical, after Korea Han closed down last year into marine company, this group course of study is beginning to see anabiosis evidence, global trading business volume also has look up trend. Shipping from 2008 since financial crisis deep-set produce can superfluous make the issue that snap with freight, after this is right of main line recombined a help to stabilize freight rate.