Big: ? Art of Xuan bursa? and design ■

Published on 2019-05-11

Soft marrow provides colorific to develop trend Cui morning to plough in living environment (the acting arrival when Jinan of Shandong of Shandong artistic institute is consumed as sensibility, more and more people begin those who pay close attention to furniture to savour the artistic breath that brings with furniture place. Software furniture because market fad, individual character at a suit, and have elegant of softness of quality of a material, colour, line concise, environmental protection, durable wait for a lot of advantage, the position in making its are designed in furniture grows rapid, oneself the half of country that holds furniture industry, move toward mature, dimensions to change gradually. In the process that in software furniture rapid development expands, spend to the heavy visual range of modelling and function be more than far consider to colorific, the additional effect that colour often is pledged at material by the definition only, the consideration colour that does not have more development designs medium place in software furniture. However, personal classics forms the consumptive group that values colour grade gradually, how to enhance the colour attribute of software furniture, how to make colour gets the play of utmost in software furniture design, also more and more by the attention inside course of study.

Software furniture is a kind of application is very wide gain ground model furniture, point to sofa, mattess, soft bed to wait commonly, engineering of combinative human body grinds to Gui result is designed and be become, comfortable and easy. What as a result of its material brings character is comfortable and characteristic, at present main concentration reflects the furniture kind that waits for convenient people to rest at couch of seat, sofa, bed in, be in store in content furniture opposite less.

Software furniture because of its oneself form a characteristic, those who make its cast off coloured of material qualitative solid basically on colour is diversionary, can show the advantage in colour respect more thereby. Live kind of space in, “” atmosphere makes live kind of space is opposite to furniture colorific requirement taller, comfortable, sweet, include the to furniture colour with the corresponding also characteristic of the space such as feeling generated a demand. Regard the software of colour carrier as furniture, the different subject in can getting used to living space is tonal, have the aid of its colorific diversity, those who cooperate a space is tonal build atmosphere, often can obtain uncommon result. The key of the colour effect of software furniture is match colors, colorific chooses to want to suit with photograph of the function of software furniture itself, use object, use environment, reasonable and appropriate colour designs the use value of value of aesthetic of meeting general colorific and software furniture to be united in wedlock cheek by jowl, give use crowd complete and unified effect. The requirement colorific of function of contented software furniture applies the configuration with mild package furniture, structure, function to ask to want harmony to unite, it is the important level of successful colour match colors.

Action of software furniture colorific basically is mixed in functional sex around chromatic colour the influence that adornment sex just faces software furniture twice to arise. Above all, the main function of software furniture is to be people to offer more soft, comfortable rest means. Pass the furniture colour stimulation to the vision, can arouse the people relaxation to rest longing and mentation. Next, software furniture colour still is acting illuminative action in living environment, sex of adornment of software furniture colorific can is opposite living environment make bigger change. More and more case prove, the grade that in the position in living space personal classics improves pair of vogue from pure functional sex went after software furniture, its colour relation also is in of living environment big tonal in the adornment effect that showed symbolism, when the kind that carries symbolism will behave, still feel the position in living environment, be different from numerous individuation and artistic affection in order to reflect.

Today, the period that seeks individuation produced more and more individual character product, serve as individual character get army industry, what the design also emphasizes individuation more and more is important. Design with furniture design character to living, personalized colour is hasten of general trends place, certainly will of this kind of trend designs the effect that produces concept sex to furniture colorific. The design concept that personalized colour design can develop stylist adequately and the demand that living environment feels the side such as function from the United States. Can say, personalized colour design is the complete explanatory note that devises connotation to contemporary living environment and furniture. Accordingly, the design of furniture must think adequately colorific function and action. To the colour of furniture, the mainest function is explained to furniture formative namely and the beautification function to living in an environment. This among them, to the modelling of furniture, colour is one of conditions that decide modelling glamour, appropriate colour can produce the effect that perfect to furniture body. To software furniture, material pledges and colour is both and OK the in a sense departs will apply, this is furniture colorific individuation is revealed undoubtedly the biggest, allude colorific psychology and decorate action as far as possible play comes out; To household environment, alterable character can change software furniture colorific to live at any time environmental colour concerns, or perceptual, or reason, different emotional appeal can pass the colour adjustment to furniture to be reflected somewhat, on this, the adornment motive that system of place of software furniture colour reveals is very tremendous.