Software furniture is designing medium workmanship research

Published on 2018-06-21

Dragon is moonish 1 Fu Guitao 2LongRuyue1FuGuitao2 (1.2. Institute of project of Zhejiang aricultural university, zhejiang is faced how can the gender lives in a product for the individuation of an organic whole. Because software furniture designs choiceness, convenient use, take the favour with consumer seriously by stylist. The article joins market survey, analysed consumptive group the demand to software furniture, furniture of the functional element that summed up existing software furniture and combination and material, market level, software designs the relevant element such as medium workmanship in furniture, spread out discuss an analysis, make the target consumes the group understanding to software furniture workmanship, what also let a target consume a group to get go up with spirit on the vision at the same time is double and contented.

The Yang as science and technology of fast development and standard of our country economy rise ceaselessly, abound what material lives ceaselessly, the living environment of people also got huge is improved, the applied limits of new technology, new material also escalate, ask to also rising stage by stage to the design of furniture function and aesthetic respect, be in especially Piao of software furniture Fei ” the design demand that creates craft to go up also rises somewhat. Comfortable. Furniture and interior decoration, 2016, (5) : 84-85. Plank of derma choosing makings opens makings sponge to choose makings plank to leave expect the clipping that press a standard hits base aperture to press modular clipping wood to glue pink goes all out and install L- armrest to plunge into seam cover dozen of back to draw strip of foot of wood of wedge of appearance of line aperture sponge bore wrapping wood

5 software furniture designs medium manufacturing technology analysis to be in software furniture design in furniture, its push a stage to curium main force mouth is versed in function analyses to producing craft nicety: 2700x2700nm of dimension of the biggest treatment is basically full of kind of man-made board cut into parts board requirement.

Only material of ① square wollens and square is vertical, transverse with bevel angle curium the man-made that cut ② board nicety is cut into parts board; ③ bevel is cut into parts board; ④ curiums the axis tilts the function such as next makings.

Curium kind: Main function is to be used at what the turn expects to curium solution; Milling machine kind: Main function is to be used at mouth of curved surface force to be versed in.

Manufacturing radical gives 6 software furniture workmanship the manufacturing Fei Piao that analyses any furniture products ” the person that make a process longs to be shown to produce a course with process two kinds.

Manufacturing process points to 6.1 production process to make a product by former expect between the complete work process of each mutual correlation; Include to produce preparation process, primary production process, auxiliary production process and manufacturing service process long for 4 times.

Technological process of 6.2 technological process also says ” treatment flow ” or ” pull current Cheng ” ; In showing industrial product is produced, make the program that into finished product each working procedure plans from former expect. This process includes the tenth of the twelve Earthly Branches labour of mouth of personal makings, mechanical power, agglutination and glue are pressed, assemble and the job such as adornment. Also include lumber sometimes dry wait with force mouth heat treatment.

The production of furniture, according to furniture of the treatment means of every spare parts different, the process that can manufacture furniture differentiates for: Burden, labour of mechanical power N, agglutination and glue are pressed, assemble and paint cover with paint.

The Piao of the person that produce process of furniture must by a series of manufacturing process composition; Raw material is ordinal wait into the product through all sorts of manufacturing process treatment. Next, still have industry, labor situation, walk along a knife to wait, software furniture must abide by these in manufacturing workmanship, with use program. The workmanship of visible software furniture holds significant position in contemporary furniture market, workmanship flow is structural diversity, diversiform, choiceness unsurpassed, operation technological process is delicate.

Of the 7 workmanship in writtening guarantee I passes pair of software furniture to be designed in furniture depict, and to market research, author I person is known at present software furniture and the evolution on workmanship appear shape, understand the manufacturing technology of software furniture, combination, the relevant element such as material composition, workmanship, in the meantime, use theoretical foundation and the union that practice a design and professional knowledge again should swing solved a few problems that exist on workmanship of furniture of the software on the market at present. Human design is diversity, but the design is it is with the person this. Present product not M is paid attention to again practical, its evening I, view is reflected with what add force mouth function also is very important, in the meantime, the manufacturing technology of the product and workmanship also are very important. A few demand that the article highlights software furniture workmanship and reflect. A few inadequacy still exist in article; The person that the in furniture design workmanship that owes system furniture to the car still needs more manage to design sofa work experience undertakes be discussinged deep.