Competition of package machine industry is intense brand fixed position is crucial

Published on 2019-05-11

Introduction: Although space of development of package machine industry is vast, but because industry doorsill is low, it is next in short time, the amount of manufacturer home gets ascendant quickly, caused the product quality among the market uneven, product is coessential change an appearance serious, the progress that gives an industry on certain level so caused an effect. Development exceeds trend at mature phase, the competition of the industry is more intense.

Nowadays, package machine already made one of 10 large trades in our country machinist job. Although dimensions of equipment of our country package machine is in ceaseless amplification, and be being quickened advance to smooth Electromechanical unifinication, automation. The equipment, equipment that pack, material that pack is installed to produced the respect such as equipment to have very great progress in fill.

But domestic outfit machinery exports the specified number very fractional, 5% of insufficient total production value, entrance forehead comparatives with cardinal principle of total production value however. This shows our country is very big to the demand breach of package machine, but homebred package machine and foreign product photograph are compared, difference of level of science and technology is bigger still, cannot satisfy domestic requirement far.

Current, the manufacturer home of a lot of package machine relies on price competition to get live, reduced the class of the product. Actually basis in the market development experience is summed up, can say, if the enterprise wants to have the development of a long-term stability in the market, have experienced good exercise to benefit the internal organs only, undertake the product innovates, establish brand culture, ability stands firm in intense market competition.

Through in last few years develop, package machine industry already entered autumn gradually, industry measure increase, industry diaphaneity rises ceaselessly, bring about company profit to reduce. Compare with other industry posture, the enterprise that because be willing to undertake,innovates independently is very few, although say the frequency that market new product changes is accelerated ceaselessly, but product otherness is lesser, competition is more accordingly intense also.

Future, going up for oriented market with the brand, among the package machine market of ceaseless maturity, big company can adopt the way that develops new product ceaselessly, the integrated competition ability that promotes a product and gain the market, and small company can undertake according to oneself circumstance product and brand locate, share on the market with intense competition a cup of a thick soup.