Enterprise of Chinese package machine should much more dedicated optimize equipment

Published on 2018-06-21

The industry that pack holds the balance in the position of pharmacy industry domain, also going after as the demand of the market more the development of deepness. The package machine industry that of all kinds product gives our country to the intense competition of the higher demand that pack and industry of domestic and international package machine posed new challenge.

Long-term since, breed of product of package machine of our country pharmacy reliability of low, product needs level of little, technology, go up in the international market and do not have an advantage, treatment and bag furnish have 80% above rely on an entrance.

Current, our country is faced with development produce deep treatment, construction is managing model the task such as economy of loop of society, development, the market of package machine product is very broad, if package machine enterprise can accelerate a technology innovation, get used to market demand, will score sizable gain.

Since entering 21 centuries, than equipment of traditional package machine, new-style pharmacy packer asks to have concise change, tall productivity, form a complete set is more perfect, provide the characteristic such as automation more. Package machine competes to the technology from price competition change already situation. Our country package machine is right of technology of foreign high end excessive depend on, restricted our country badly to pack industry to last, steady progress.

Competition of package machine of medicines and chemical reagents is at present intense with each passing day, pharmacy package machine of future will cooperate industrial automation, stimulative bag furnish has overall level rises, the pharmacy that grows muti_function, efficient, low consumption packages facility. Current, in the uses extensively new and high technology in pharmacy and package machine, have Gao Zhi force, efficient, tall competition, cost-effective wait for main feature.

Because all sorts of new and high technologies apply ceaselessly, advanced the development of each country medicines and chemical reagents and package machine industry greatly so, by changed production to replace intermittent form continuously production, by specialization production replaced generalization production, by large changed production to replace medium or small the production, quality control that replaced end item by control of whole journey quality, those who came true to medicines and chemical reagents is machined and pack a process is successive turn production, specialization exercise, automation adjustment, whole journey changes control and industrialization to manage etc. These technologies span, basically be new and high technology produced main effect in application, result of this kind of action more and more showing.

For the company that creates to be engaged in package machine, should put more attention in how to optimize equipment to go up, if attention basically is put on the price, develop can get very big limitation. At the same time we also see the market competition of these domains is more and more intense clearly, the enterprise wants to do do by force big, need the way of knowledge industry. Achieving the breakthrough in domain of industrial machinery automation is we walk along knowledge industry viatic important way.