The individuation of real wood furniture that is based on RFID is custom-built installation component traces to the source system

Published on 2018-06-21

As the rapid development of contemporary socioeconomy, promoted the tremendous change of people lifestyle, comfortable housing has made the main component in people life, because of this bedroom decorate a style to also emerge in endlessly. To satisfy the requirement that individual character decorates.

The furniture that supplies individuation for consumer subdues Wu surely (include chest of wall of cloakroom of type of person of bookcase of integral chest, whole, pace, person to wait) the important kind that already made furniture. As a result of custom-built fact wooden furniture dispute standardizes manufacturing furniture and be calculated according to the personalized demand of client area and client, the board that its require, hardware, the composition such as door plank is different. When installation, often produce a component to take a fault to perhaps lack the circumstance such as the component, installation personnel must weigh factory of do poorly done work over again to take a part, create the needless waste that will return traffic cost and time, installation personnel cannot complete construction on schedule, client satisfaction is spent reduce greatly. To solve this one problem, the article uses RFID technology, can identify specific target through label of RFID of mobile phone scanning and read keep relevant data, will improve the efficiency that furniture component installs with this.

RFID traces to the source if what the sketch map of construction of system of design Bookmark1 RFID of construction of system shows, in the primary link that real wood furniture installs, design personnel carries the electronic tag of the radio frequency, wait for its number, brand, price, use material information record to come down character. Adhere to label going up in the furniture of custom-built installation, carry and label of RFID of mobile phone scanning is used before installation, reader reads the news that takes electronic label, hand RFID number as it is said among, as a result of RFID among become independent and upright to be read at RFID write implement use a program with back end between, can read with many RFID write implement and join of process of application of many back end, facilitate when undertaking scanning so of data read a person; In addition, use RFID among the collect that has data, filter, conformity and deliver wait for character, use what accurate target information passes business back end systematic software, the part with can good according to designing personnel set system, automatic examination component is all ready wrong perhaps take, remind carry or install staff. Convenient installation personnel masters the installation circumstance of the component constantly.

Among RFID of applied system software foundation project: Poineering training of innovation of undergraduate of level of state of institute of Guizhou normal school planned a project 2015 (201514223011) ; Guizhou Province is provincial 2014 project of project of undergraduate course education ” computer science and technology ” professional and integrated reform (Guizhou teaching sends 〔 high 2014378) ; Training of outstanding engineer education plans a project (Guizhou teaching sends 446 high) ; Project of project of education of provincial 2015 undergraduate course (Guizhou teaching sends 337 high) hardware of system of signal of RFID construction of system designs Bookmark2 if what the hardware system sketch map of this system shows, the information that the user gets scanning RFID ticket passes module of program download, key-press and power source module to transmit microprocessor, have data with microprocessor alternant. Then RFID is read write module read the data that keeps to pass microprocessor through USB interface, microprocessor is finished take an instruction, undertake the data that receives and module of the communication that string together a mouth information is exchanged, executive control unit of repass microprocessor integrated circuit and count logic unit transmit integrated data to module of LED indicator light, LCD and peak to cry implement, the indication drive interface that the light that passes LED indicator light destroys degree, LCD provides an user and join arrive the generator of Chinese percussion instruments of buzzer electron dispatch, can judge the component when real wood furniture is installed simple and quickly to give the reason of breakdown. Make the client uses label of RFID of mobile phone scanning with carriage personnel, identify specific target quickly. Can improve the efficiency that real wood furniture installs not only so, the satisfaction that also improved an user at the same time is spent.

RFID of module of power source of module of key-press of directive of program download LED reads the base that keeps module microprocessor to string together component of furniture of signal of system of hardware of buzzer of module of LCD of buccal communication module to manage software design to be designed in hardware to go up, can connect process a type of local school in ancient times to design language design to make real wood furniture component management systematization, incorporate.