Lanzhou: ? Outskirt waiting till bows with hands clasped to infestation of 〃 of? plum ghost

Published on 2018-06-21

Market research and development, make, the sale is an organic whole.

This project machines production base at entering the forest products that be stationed in city on June 10, 2010, cover an area of a face to accumulate 50 mus, always invest 50 million yuan, register capital 1 million yuan, in July 2009 start working is built, build block of flats of standard workshop, storehouse, office building, worker and accessary establishment, building gross area 25000 square metre, construction produces per year product line of furniture of 30 million yuan of above and establishment of form a complete set, the board type furniture such as set of main production bedroom, sitting room series, study series, dining-room series, office set and software sofa and furniture form a complete set kind product. The year after next of project building put into production can achieve sales revenue 35 million yuan, profit 5 million yuan, taxes 3.5 million yuan.

Lanzhou: ” of board type furniture plum small mill of ghost 〃 infestation is various, market disorder is dominant with the plank furniture of Sichuan on Lanzhou furniture market, occupy about 50% the left and right sides. But, small treatment mill is in Lanzhou however amount to is not little, basically distributing to be taken in the countryside of wild goose beach of Lanzhou city. The furniture that these small mill manufacture, look from the exterior, design novel, colour and lustre is beautiful, but its make adoption data and material pledge not eligible however. Some furniture of depression river of sand of countryside of beach of Lanzhou city wild goose machines a dot, made sofa pattern looks very beautiful, but the color of plastic silk bag of fill of sofa interior place is nigrescent, sponge has white already, also have other color.

Introduce according to personage of know the inside story, what the sofa frame of this processing factory uses is Yang Mu, goods comes in from Sichuan, can irrigate with boiled water everyday, when the timber after finalizing the design is very damp still, use directly do sofa. What this made sofa basically uses is miscellaneous wood and Yang Mu, the place that in every case can see uses miscellaneous wood with Yang Mu, invisible place. As we have learned, there are a lot of homes in wild goose beach only like such processing factory, its product sells in normal furniture partly be on sale, in entering citizen home directly through furtive channel partly.

Counterfeit infestation, the furniture that true bogus difficult differentiate manufactures as a result of these small processing factories is provided extremely imitate a gender, see a problem very hard from the exterior only. Accordingly, consumer is when furniture of choose and buy, cannot identify stand or fall at all.

A few furniture sell in field, of all kinds full of beautiful things in eyes of board type furniture, too many things to see making a person.

The structure of these furniture is inattentive, tenon union position is not firm, break tenon very easily, break makings; Board of the roof of man-made board furniture, door or window frame, motherboard and side hill use nail connection, for covet save trouble, craft is extremely unreasonable; Lumber moisture content is high also, with makings is unreasonable, the body after pier glass is not had, without layering, locate with nail; Vitreous door or window frame board do with nail hold in the palm annul, cause glass extremely easily broken, endanger person security; Functional dimension does not accord with a standard, the short of of height of the space that hang the garment that is like coat ark short of of 1350 millimeter, deepness 520 millimeter; The in-house lumber moisture content of dermal sofa book of tall, bat, belt bark, use break off crack material, decayed material and bug corrode material; The interior of sofa and soft mattess, the palm felt that uses the useless old gunny-bag that does not accord with wholesome standard and mildewy snake and felt.

Congener product, a price is high, a price is low, the surface does not look to go out however have what distinction, but, of cost of manufacturer of true drive up is fundamental material and treatment craft. If the drawer is in installation wrappage, the wrappage installation machine of normal manufacturer is an entrance mostly, equipment amounts to millions yuan; And the methodological handiwork with a few unqualified plant very coarse family expenses installs wrappage.

Outside dividing the personage inside course of study, average consumer cannot discern at all true and false, below this kind of circumstance, consumer nature can choose low-cost furniture.

Environment of much act purge is in a lot of industries, generally market prospect is valued or the product with good profit, can encounter ” plum ghost ” furniture industry also fails escape by sheer luck. As a result of these the occurrence of ” of ” plum ghost, the brand product of normal manufacturer gets very big impact. The trade that initiates from this and action of manufacturer dimension authority emerge in endlessly, dozen of sound cries to fall in, have a few eventually reveal one’s true features of ” of ” plum ghost completes collapse.