Board type furniture carries the design that pack research and discuss

Published on 2019-05-11

Nowadays the rapid development of Internet and technology of electronic business affairs, the network shops to be a substantial that people lives daily, furniture also makes one of goods that the network shops. The current fashion of furniture also from carry with the city, change is from the whole nation even global each district carries doorway reaching the home, the carriage of furniture is packed also accordingly from before without pack or the simple and easy development that pack tends gradually to the requirement that packs to furniture nowadays change strictly. But, furniture industry still does not have system of perfect the design that pack at present, existence ” one furniture is packed ” , it is difficult that the bag turns reclaim, pack excessive wait for a problem.

Furniture of 1 board type carries the research that pack furniture of type of current situation board is with man-made board is main base material, tear open outfit combined-type furniture with what panel is basic structure, it is furniture of the household of modern network shopping first selection, office. And the bag pretends to be produced for contemporary furniture impartible cut one share, in safeguard goods stores, the effect with carry and sell each phase to rising main. Show level, the carriage of board type furniture is packed basically include container of furniture outer packing, furniture to pack defend material reachs the auxiliary material that pack.

At present the furniture container of our country basically has corrugated box and common wooden case, have 3 kinds of kinds commonly, include heaven and earth to build box of type paper box, paper of type of speak or sing alternately and side to seal type paper box. And furniture is packed defend material has polystyrene cotton of bubble board, pearl, shape protect horn and protect etc, the auxiliary material that pack basically includes to the adhesive plaster, rope that pack waits.

Detachable cent becomes board type furniture many components, component put and did not consolidate regulation inside container, undertake permutation character according to the real measure of furniture component, material however.

Fractionation of will whole furniture becomes many component, form or a few box that pack undertake carriage, assemble whole finally again in user use position every component packs protection by three-layer commonly, namely makings of mat of film, bubble, filmy material. Some products add film of a bleb between film and bubble mat makings. In the meantime, give birth to mutual shift and collision through Cheng Zhongfa to avoid to flow, cause product damage, add chipboard to protect horn or bubble to protect part quadrilateral inside package commonly, or it is the bubble that the inside area that packing box puts certain ply piece have protective effect. It is when traffic condition is poorer, still can use medium fine board, particieboard replaces bubble piece, enhance the strength of package, protective furniture product is not damaged kill. Wait for brittle furniture component to glass pack, besides still need to pack box to protect with ligneous outside paper box. Woodiness packs box to use the material such as particieboard, miscellaneous wood to be made. Delimit to acting the role of the furniture of face plate to should not be caustic, fill up a layer to do whole to pack with 0.5mm deep film commonly. In addition, pearl cotton space is used commonly between each component.

The problem that furniture of 2 board type carries the existence that pack 2.1 existence are excessive the generation that the damaged of current link leads the problem that pack to cause the excessive problem that pack greatly. To reduce the damage that carries current process to be caused to furniture as far as possible, nowadays home furniture packs general interiorly every component can use two kinds or the amortize of two kinds of above packs material to undertake defending, plus edges and corners or lateral protection and the space that amortize data uses between the component each, the sort of the material that pack and dosage whole slants big, the excessive phenomenon that pack is serious, increased to pack product cost while, also created very serious resources waste.

2.2 green environmental protection is packed cannot be able to come true reclaiming below the times trend of the product recycle that pack, my country provides what the product packs to reclaim rate is not hopeful. Besides outer packing corrugated box or wooden case is reclaimed more easily outside, the in-house amortize material that pack is jumbly, of a furniture pack often put in the data that can be used by 2, if pearl cotton, kraft, rows of tiles on a roof or beehive chipboard are protected,be stupefied protect horn to wait, still have the polystyrene amortize stuff that reclaims hard. Because our country reclaims,the mechanism is not perfected, no matter whether can be reclaimed recycle, what these in-house amortize material are faced with is the destiny that reject be regardinged as sells, created the waste of the resource that pack directly. At the same time a few material still can cause pollution to the environment. Accordingly, material of choice green environmental protection undertakes packing designing, reduce the pollution of the material that pack to the environment, build at the same time reclaim mechanism, prevent resources waste, it is nowadays a when furniture packs development important way.