Be based on the technical aesthetic of construction of board type furniture to consider

Published on 2018-06-21

The technical aesthetic that Fang is based on construction of board type furniture studies (1.2. In furniture of university of science and technology of Na Lin industry and artistic design institute, hunan Changsha 410004) there is close together associated sex between the United States. The article sets out from respect of construction of board type furniture, analyse technical beauty to go up in product exterior and function reflect, point out ability raises art beauty to provide what the structure develops to promote to board type home, the technical beauty that offers structure of board type furniture should face situation penitentiary, green is changed wait for direction to develop.

Crucial I manages: Board type furniture; Structure; Ability raises furniture of art beauty board type is with man-made board is main base material, rice joins with hardware a furniture to basically tie kind. Accordingly, man-made plank is the corporeal undertaker of join structure, the function of furniture also is joined by its means decides, the method that the structure is form of exterior of furniture of implementation board type and corporeal function assembles and technical aesthetic applies aesthetic as, it is specific on artistic aesthetic and the foundation with aesthetic science and technology the aesthetic problem in discussing corporeal production and implements culture domain. Furniture and interior decoration, 2015, (10) : The form of furniture of board type of 84-85.84 graph I is beautiful the hardware of board type furniture the lifecycle that the detachable outfit of board type furniture changes the intelligence of furniture of design board type to change a design convenient content shedding is carried, reflected the tears open outfit technology beauty of ox of I of hardware of board type furniture.

Of real wood furniture wide article, in 32pit department; All cooperates next is in design and standardization, generalization, seriation was introduced in production process, came true ” panel is a product namely, the design produces a concept. Board type furniture besides the standardization to oneself panel: Outside the requirement, , to the hardware that matchs to it also raised corresponding requirement on versatility, interchangeability. For example Hai Fule company of Germany passes normative hardware Kong Weijun uses 32rnri system design to make is bad I together ” the suitable scope that different product all can realize each other to improve a product greatly. Board type furniture raises a product effectively to manufacture efficiency through standardizing production, reduce a product to produce cycle, and improved precision of force N labour and product quality; Packing store on carry, adopt board ox to packed the form that pile up to save space of lay aside carry effectively, solved a product to wear away, carry hard wait for later period trouble, the green that realized furniture changes a design.

Technical development, affection is penitentiary change a design to get attention even more in board type furniture with human nature, these design concepts are in the tenth of the twelve Earthly Branches of board type furniture oneself in get be reflectinged adequately. Groovy lamps and lanterns because volume is large, medicinal powder the reason such as hot difficult, easy electric conduction cannot by inside in park furniture, but as LED series lamps and lanterns upgrade and develop, the LED lamp man of petty safety is provided by inside the finds the memory thing inside cabinet put oneself in another’s position demand that people satisfies to also can go to the lavatory in night inside furniture of park board type. Commonly used inside sort of buy lamps and lanterns has shake lamp of inductive lamp, lay a finger on and lamp of infra-red, induction to wait. Shake inductive lamp installation to be on furniture door plank, carry batteries power supply, convenient and safe; Lamp of lay a finger on installs the roof in furniture to go up commonly, because adopted the chimney of globose curved surface, extended illume space through lamplight diffusion huge; Infra-red induction lamp basically is shut through the open of door plank will make switch automatically for nothing, because take the LED light source that is taller brightness, apply to the larger space such as chest so be proud not in the space.

Besides through inside the step such as device of buy science and technology will abound function of board type furniture outside, regard function of board type furniture as the key of implementation, high-end function hardware also get development and the hardware that should throw what get applied the most extensively among them to take damp system oneself namely in board type furniture ceaselessly. Damp hardware in the commonnest is damp slippery course and damp hinge, they are to use hardware in the amortize part that takes oneself will reduce the wallop between furniture component, rise to reduce noise and the effect that protect furniture component thereby. The drawer that measures to a few cardinal principle especially, through using damp slippery course can make sure the drawer is gentle, perfect finish close an act oneself. Besides afore-mentioned damp hardware, hardware the company also is considering to develop more intelligent hardware through what last, it is with 100 grand company exemple, luxurious metal of support of open of straightforward of month of SERVCKDRIVE dynamoelectric wait and TANDE in relief 0X smokes the U that fasten bad to be able to make drawer open more force N is convenient, do one’s best brings the most comfortable experience to enjoy to consumer.