Woodworking machine tool exports continues unabated environmental protection is favored

Published on 2018-06-21
Woodworking machines mainly from the original cross-sectional wood saw to cut into wood products processing equipment used in the process. Mainly used in construction, furniture and doors and other manufacturing sectors. Woodworking machines can be divided into carpentry saw, woodworking planer, wood lathe, milling machine carpentry, woodworking Drilling, mortising machines, tenon slot machines, woodworking sanding machines, as well as finishing, sharpening woodworking tools and other auxiliary equipment.
    Because it is cutting equipment, woodworking machinery for the original wood saw Poucheng wood products play a crucial role. One can imagine, woodworking machinery saw a cross-sectional shape into wood products if there is a problem, can cause unsightly, especially in furniture, wood industry, enterprises will waste a lot of raw materials, to bring unnecessary economic losses.
    Currently woodworking machinery Shandong Qingdao, Guangdong Lunjiao more concentrated. Since the reform and opening up, before the old state-owned enterprises have been restructured, changing business ideas, such as woodworking machinery, Harbin, Suzhou Foma Group, Shanxi Yuci pressing Factory, Shandong Weihai Woodworking Machinery, Qingdao Woodworking Machinery Corporation, have completely transformed market management system.
    Our woodworking machine tool export momentum is very fierce, the main market mainly to third world countries, Southeast Asia, South Asia, mainly some good quality even exported to America, Europe markets. In short, China woodworking machinery development has been greatly improved, but the quality is still an urgent need to improve in order to have a place in the world of the forest wood machine.
    Indeed so, woodworking machine tool industry has yet to be international. Develop CNC woodworking machine tools with international standards in order to meet the domestic and foreign software Universal CNC, CNC equipment and professional level of respect, connection and supporting automation technology should be standardized to be interchangeable.
    Knife library tool number, tool change speed, automatic sharpening system, software, open and friendly interface level performance and other aspects should be standardized. CNC programming system with expert systems, fault diagnosis system, automatic parameter setup and tool management systems, forecasting computing, adaptive fuzzy control function, so that the CNC woodworking machines more intelligent. Application of multimedia technology enables control system with integrated voice processing ability text, image and video information, so that it can achieve real-time monitoring, diagnostics and applause production process parameter monitoring equipment, such as the production site. In Europe, researchers from single CNC woodworking machine tools to CNC machining production line, digital technology has penetrated into furniture and other products among the various processing steps. How to form integrated production line scale, it is China woodworking machinery industry in the future and a new exploration.
    NC evident
    CNC machine tools are the parts processing requirements, and the step size of the digital representation code, by the information carrier (such as a perforated tape) input dedicated computer, processed and calculated, issued various control signals to control the operation of the machine, press drawings automatically machined parts. It can not only control the process control and auxiliary functions, but also to coordinate control is the application of the 1930 Comprehensive computing technology, automatic control technology, precision measurement and machine tool design and other advanced technology to develop a new type of machine.
    As market competition more intense, efficient, high-precision requirements are also increasing. Woodworking machines to NC, has become an inevitable trend and market-oriented.
    NC popularity and increasingly prominent advantages, woodworking machines are increasingly popular in the NC-selection, because it is not only efficient but also improved product quality and precision. "CNC woodworking machines" is controlled by the NC program processing machinery and equipment. According to the requirements of the woodworking industry, the characteristics of wood products processing industry, combined with the wood products industry employees operating practices, independent R & D patented products. By numerical control technology to control the mechanical action, companies can be processed cylindrical, conical, curved, spherical and other complex shapes rotor semi-finished wood products or wood. Wood is particularly suitable for small and medium enterprises in production, you can always set the shape flexible, rapidly changing working style. Production of CNC woodworking machines more well-known enterprises in Shandong Machinery Co., Ltd. at a constant dimension NC. Take the furniture industry, the use of CNC woodworking machine can reduce furniture production process many auxiliary jig and fixtures, can be automated production line, workers labor complicated by the simple change, a significant reduction in labor costs, so the application of numerical control technology for the furniture manufacturing enterprises reap excessive profits.
    Woodworking CNC machine tools is also hope for the furniture industry upgrading, with the decline in the cost of domestic numerical control equipment, woodworking machinery CNC already have universal premise. China's current universal woodworking machine tool industry CNC technology from the start, gradually sets, intelligent and large-scale direction.
    In order to continue to maintain steady growth, we need to popularize the domestic furniture industry NC furniture production line, in order to achieve low-cost mass production, improve product quality and labor productivity, and enhance competitiveness. For example, the processing is complete turning, milling, engraving, drilling, cutting, sealing, sanding, finishing veneer or other procedures of the workpiece in a single installation of a device to form a fully automated production of furniture . We are committed to the development of solid wood furniture production CNC machining production lines, such as CNC machining production line chairs, doors and other products. The era of universal CNC woodworking machinery CNC routers as the representative of the past, the era of mass production of furniture CNC equipment has arrived.
    More advanced numerical control equipment gradually favored by the size of the business, in addition to improving labor productivity reasons, but also because the numerical control equipment substantially eliminate the occurrence of accidents. In the past, the cost of work-related injuries furniture industry is relatively low, if the injury caused by the dismissal because only costs ten disabled employees 20,000 yuan or so; but today, raise legal awareness of employees, local disability compensation benefits because the minimum wage rise, corporate employee compensation costs ten disability pay has been raised by about three times. Since many furniture companies producing heavy task of long-term workers to work overtime leading to operator fatigue, accidents have occurred, thus leading to all kinds of trouble have let business owners fed up.
    The level of sophistication and the volume ratio aspect, CNC woodworking machinery so that the traditional mechanical feel powerless and frustrated. In recent years, consumer technology products for the furniture requires a sustained increase in the level of technology to enhance the comprehensive management tools to the limit after only through Niaoqianghuanpao equipment to meet consumers demanding process requirements. CNC woodworking machinery production of products in addition to a high degree of precision than, its quality much higher than traditional mechanical more balanced, to avoid the inevitable fluctuations in the quality of traditional machinery. Today's price of raw materials is already facing a number of years, "bull", every manufacturer price fluctuations are so gripped, and in terms of improving the effective utilization of raw materials, CNC machinery also traditional mechanical unparalleled advantage.
    There are four major problems
    Experts pointed out, woodworking machine tool industry is mainly in four major problems. Technological innovation ability, the industry is a fatal problem. Some companies from others to take over or buy a data carrying the man over, ready to eat meals. "A look" caused the entire industry of products of the same structure, homogeneity, and therefore a source of price war intensified.
    Low level of product quality, is the outstanding problems of the industry. Isomorphic, homogeneous become the root cause of price competition, low profits and low price formation reaction in quality, leading to decline in product safety, reliability, precision keeping and other quality problems.
    Variety, the lack of features, low market share, the potential problems of the industry. Many companies go on the variety of large and small and complete product development, want to conquer the world the lack of features, the market share is too low, the risk is large, the damage would be fatal.
    Poor market channels, is the industry's problems. The formation of this issue and the role of agents or absence of dislocation, and manufacturers quick success of the marketing strategy, and missing or ignoring rules of market economy are more closely related.