Timber industry cluster has become an inevitable

Published on 2018-06-21
Timber industry as China's traditional industries, from small to large, from decentralized to centralized, and gradually formed the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta region as the main industry pattern. In these areas, port-intensive, convenient transportation and prosperous downstream industries, timber specialized markets have sprung up, the process of the timber industry has been rapid development of clusters, which is also a business floor Italian thing.
  The so-called industry clusters, refers to a major leading industry centric area, a large number of industries closely linked and relevant support organizations gathered in space, and a sustained, strong competitive advantage of the phenomenon.
  In recent years, the development of China's timber industry is blocked, "raw material prices", "market malaise" two mountains make a timber merchant miserable, living conditions become increasingly embarrassed, but also to the basic raw material for the wood flooring companies in trouble. Timber manufacturers have to find a breakthrough. In contact with the timber merchants, timber merchants frankly say, the future market competition, is organized around a few large-scale professional competition between markets; timber industry has entered the era of big clusters, from the professional market timber, a timber merchant will be difficult as.
  First, from the inside, the large specialized timber market is large, influential, and the country on the periphery of buyers has enormous centripetal force, and buyers are accustomed to the professional market to find the goods. Wood is a professional market communication, contact old customers bridges, hubs, but also to show customers a symbol of strength. Moreover, in the market approaching saturation, the "cake" was "divvy up", the timber merchants can get a fair chance to compete from the professional market to get new customers.
  In addition, large-scale professional market timber supporting facilities, management models mature, timber merchants could have peace of mind, concentrate on business. Moreover, the market gathered a large number of timber merchants, timber merchants of these close ties with each other, not only of each other, help each other, but also to exchange information and to deepen awareness and understanding of the market, so as to business strategy developed to provide a useful reference.
  Secondly, on the outside, a large timber professional market has great social influence, in the provision of quality services for the management of timber merchants outside, but also invisible to timber merchants to reduce unnecessary troubles, as well as to provide the necessary assistance. Such as the current timber merchants reflects the problem of financing. Relying on large-scale professional timber market, by means of this powerful and reliable platform for banks, financing is relatively easy.