Highlight the advantages of European-made woodworking machinery price triggered concern

Published on 2018-06-21
According to statistics, the first nine months of 2012, China's total import and export trade of carpentry $ 1.18 billion, compared with last year downward trend, which exports 705 million US dollars, down 8.27 percent.
  Vice president of the China National Forestry Machinery Association Ma Qisheng said, after the fourth quarter of 2008, affected by the international financial crisis, the development of China woodworking machinery industry encountered unprecedented difficulties. In the context of the financial crisis, the sales revenue of China woodworking machinery industry, two consecutive years of stagnant situation, exports experienced negative growth.
  Domestic equipment grew out of the first leg
  Domestic labor costs rising, the traditional manufacturing industry is facing an increasingly severe labor shortage premise equipment for furniture manufacturing enterprises becomes increasingly important. How to reduce the amount of labor, how to increase worker output monomer, a key issue woodworking machinery manufacturing enterprises.
  Guangdong London area gathered a large number of woodworking machinery enterprises, and spontaneously organized and set up London Woodworking Machinery Association, as president of the Chamber of Commerce of Machinery Wade, chairman of Ho Pui gilt, see manufacturing enterprises in the current round of industrial upgrading and transformation process the urgent needs of automated woodworking equipment, and increase the numerical control, industrial control, network automation equipment research and development.
  A new era, no longer a simple woodworking equipment to complete a single device, such as drilling, cutting and sawing materials such simple steps, the traditional mechanical equipment only in some stages of standard procedures, to effort, time-saving effect, Ho Pui gilt representation : If you look at appliances, electronics, communications equipment manufacturing plant category, you will find their manufacturing equipment, automation and intelligence to be much more advanced than the furniture, especially in the field of automobile manufacturing, it can be said to represent the top level of automation machinery , it is also affected by these industries, we have increased the new wood processing equipment development efforts, through numerical control, industrial as well as the relatively advanced network automation and control, so that carving, drilling, cutting and other processes more accurate and achieve more profiled wood processing and manufacturing enterprises to better meet the personalized needs of production.
  Although there are still some domestic manufacturers tend to choose foreign imported equipment, domestic equipment is also true in the processing precision slightly inferior abroad, and some high-end mechanical automation technology overseas to China remain strictly technical monopoly, but the current Woodworking Machinery undoubtedly constantly upgraded.
  Compared to imported equipment, Liu Pei Ho said the domestic than foreign equipment has several advantages: first, in terms of price, Chinese equipment in shipping, manufacturing cost and other aspects are better than abroad, more likely to be accepted by a wider range of manufacturing companies; Secondly, in terms of repair and maintenance, the country is basically free post-maintenance, and the ability to respond quickly, the factory saves valuable production time; in addition, more and more dependent on the overall automation equipment needed to upgrade later and other technical support, single in this regard, the upgrade cost is quite expensive abroad. Due to the different regions, the manufacturing environment, resulting in a variety of foreign equipment in the factory in the use of inconvenience, does not necessarily apply to all domestic manufacturing enterprises, domestic equipment suppliers closer to the market, a better understanding of the plant's habits and real needs, better able to provide equipment and related services.
  Actively expand the European market
  In 2007, China woodworking machinery import and export trade reached a record high in the year 2008, China woodworking trade show a deficit, but the surplus began to appear after 2008, with the recovery of the industry, in 2011 trade deficit again.
  With the strong recovery of Chinese woodworking machinery trade, Chinese companies are actively explore the way the European market. As one of the international professional trade fair in Hanover International Forestry Woodworking Fair will be held this year at the Hannover Exhibition Center, May 6 to 10 days, while China has become one of the top 10 participating countries in the International Exhibition of Forestry and Woodworking.
  Ma Kai rose to express my woodworking machinery level with the world advanced level there are still gaps, to promote the healthy development of the industry, companies must be honest self-discipline, strengthen brand building.
  In the international market, China's woodworking machinery industry highly competitive mid-range products. Our mid-range products in terms of geometric precision, product appearance, product structure and properties, noise indicators and international woodworking machinery less, but only a fraction of their price.
  China Woodworking Machinery mid-range products of high quality and market competitiveness is very good. But from the technical development of the whole industry, the technological innovation capability of domestic woodworking machinery manufacturing enterprises of the same industry compared with foreign advanced enterprises, there are still some gaps in the degree of visibility and recognition. With the rapid development of the global furniture industry and the wood products industry, synchronous development and introduction of new products will be the inevitable trend of development, the lack of independent innovation capability and synchronization of R & D capabilities, will affect the survival and development of enterprises of woodworking machinery.
  General manager of the German Engineering Federation said that in 2012 the German woodworking machinery main source of imports, China has ranked first, China woodworking machinery industry, strong growth, the market is full of vitality, whether the coming years will continue to maintain this momentum , it remains to be seen. He stressed that the development of woodworking machinery is a mature industry, the industry should be based on innovation, and increased production costs forced manufacturers to increase investment in machining, so the success of woodworking machinery manufacturers must value and sustainable development.
  Board of Directors of Deutsche Messe AG members JochenKoeckler also said that innovation in the woodworking machinery industry has a very important position in the hope that through the platform to showcase innovations exhibitors International Exhibition of Forestry and Woodworking.
  According to reports, Chinese enterprises in the 2013 Hannover International Exhibition of Forestry and Woodworking advantage exhibits include a large wood working machine tools, plywood, machinery and woodworking machinery accessories (such as a blade, blade etc). Currently the overall technical level of domestic woodworking machinery close to the international advanced level, the exhibition product price advantage is to add weight to its global competitiveness.