Woodworking machinery industry analysis of the development of new directions

Published on 2019-05-11
Now woodworking machinery industry after two hundred years of the world continue to improve, improve, improve, has developed into more than 120 series, more than 4,000 kinds of products a complete range of annual output value exceeding 10 billion US dollars in the manufacturing industry. China also has become mechanical manufacturing country, but in order to become powerful, still requires a number of high-tech and international standards in line with our technical requirements as support. In the current economic environment, this Chinese woodworking machinery industry must strengthen its own standard construction, in order to adapt and meet the needs of economic development.
  Global Woodworking Machinery forward to improve timber utilization, improve wood processing accuracy, efficiency and degree of automation, energy saving, environmental protection, security, pollution-free direction. With the furniture industry to improve the level of market demand for woodworking machinery standardized, specialized production, improve product quality, development of new varieties, improve labor productivity, resource conservation and other requirements are also increasing.
  China's economic development, with the international market cooperation is getting closer, but also to promote the advanced science and technology continue to innovation and development, Mr. Liu Shuangde for many years engaged in the woodworking machinery industry, Shenyang bis Dexin it creates idle Woodworking Machinery Distribution Department is the Northeast's largest second-hand idle woodworking machinery total distribution! Annual distribution of the United States, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, the world's advanced woodworking machinery Used idle!
  Liu said China should adhere to the development of woodworking machinery going out and bringing in and absorbing advanced foreign technology, using information technology to transform traditional industries, so as to optimize and upgrade; scientific research as the guide, strengthen basic research, promote Woodworking Machinery Manufacturing Science and Technology progress, product upgrading, development of new products with independent intellectual property rights; to seriously study the situation, based on domestic and take the road of self-development.
  Woodworking machinery specialized production is to reduce the production investment, effective way to improve product quality grades, level of technology and productivity. Efforts to achieve product specialization production is to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises an important tool. Woodworking Machinery wide range of products, their production specialization imperative. Specialized production in favor of the professional division of labor, so that all aspects of the advantages of centralized, in a market economy, high efficiency and high quality production of woodworking machinery products; help create a favorable market environment, to avoid vicious competition; conducive personalized service to meet the production needs instability, facilitate market purchases.
  Woodworking machinery production of high-end, brand is the only way to enterprise development. Only the importance of intellectual property rights, inventions patent protection products, designed to encourage innovation in order to promote the healthy development of China's woodworking machinery in the international market competition invincible.