The advantage in the wood industry consolidation

Published on 2018-06-21
The particularity of custom doors, making the industry to maintain smooth flow of funds, debt is not heavy, but many companies hovering at breakeven point. Although the current market products rich, but not yet on the market so that consumers really recognized brands. The international economic situation, there are many uncertain factors, although countries to China increasing awareness of wooden products, export channels, exporting country in increasing influence gradually expanded, exports steadily recovering, but has not reached the exit doors of the best state , nor the formation of a strong brand influence.
  Currently, the wood industry there have been some of the following cases, indicating industry consolidation and survival of the fittest situation emerged.
  1. Some companies considerable benefits, with a lot of accumulation, due to the full capacity of the persecution, and to see the broad market, the local government land use planning and development and suitable land resources, rapid expansion of business scale.
  2. The decline in corporate profits, accumulation, lack of energy development.
  Wood industry consolidation and survival of the fittest situation appeared
  3. Small enterprises enhance brand image actively participating, expand publicity, the expansion of the site. Big brands marketing network layout is complete, reduced the enthusiasm publicity and exhibitors.
  4. The company does not make money more, earn less business in an increasingly competitive situation, the closure of some of the lack of development of energy enterprises, doors camp began to differentiate.
  5. A number of large enterprises or engineering orders and more orders, but the capacity is limited, please small businesses are worried that the quality of processing, so the partnership less orders or orders.
  6. furniture, flooring, decoration companies to switch to the more doors, but the doors of businesses to expand the whole household.
  7. The competition, a lot more orders, less and less, polarization, marketing promotions, new guise, have little effect.
  8. Some enterprises operating performance continues to rise at the situation and smug, ignoring product quality management, we do not pay attention to listen to and resolve front market dealers to reflect up questions and comments.