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Textile Machinery

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Industry letter ministry publishs industry of printing and dyeing two new rule, what effect will produce to the enterprise?

Published on 2017-12-27

Industry of printing and dyeing appeared on the market 2017 the newspaper in the company gives heat, business income of Zhejiang rich profit 866 million yuan, increase 109.05%; compared to the same period China spin share business income 1.311 billion yuan, increase 21.29%; compared to the same period business income of boat civilian share 1.616 billion yuan, increase 1.95%; beautiful glad to amount to business income compared to the same period 360 million yuan, drop compared to the same period

Nantong university will undertake craft of printing and dyeing of commonweal sex tradition grooms class

Published on 2017-12-27

According to China of 2017 culture ministry, Ministry of Education crowd of inheritance of immaterial culture bequest grinds long study groom plan, this year on October 16 on November 15, nantong university will undertake commonweal sex craft of traditional printing and dyeing grooms class (the 2nd period class) , face a society to recruit student publicly (cost of tuitional board and lodging avoids) completely. Groom class by institute of dress of Nantong university spin, continue to teach inst

What 2017PH Value knitting exhibits the spot is wonderful can miss how!

Published on 2017-12-27

Only old structure, big eye shot, ability has great progress. Exhibit in current knitting on, each big famous group and enterprise it may be said let a hundred flowers blossom, each extend magic power. Underwear group is like source of distant of pace of salt of Guangdong Shenzhen, Fosan, Jilin, sock group if all and big the Tang Dynasty, Jilin distant source, sweater and knitting gauze group if Zhejiang Pu courtyard, Guangdong is big bright, group of recreational knitting dress is like Guo of d

Textile flammability standard nots allow small gaze

Published on 2017-12-27

Commission of American consumer safety (CPSC) and Belle Investment Corporation announced in be opposite, homebred children sleeps jointly a few days ago gown carries out freewill sex recall. It is reported, this recall product sleeps for children of Richie House card gown, composition is 100% dacron. Dimension of place carry out is 4/5-12/14 about, the color that 4 kinds differ / printing combination: Gules / doggie design, blue / white of butterfly design, pink / wave drop pattern, complete pin

14 are spun machine occupation standard includes the 2nd batch of occupation standard to make trim plan

Published on 2017-12-10

A few days ago, print and distribute of industry letter ministry the 2nd batch of occupation standard were made 2017 trim plan announcement, include 728 occupation standard, involve box of illuminant of dimension of electromotor ground course, textile standard, dry goods among them test meter of perpendicular burning behavior, spin is general and electronic-controlled equipment technology standard, stainless steel guides roller type makes the same score gauze of end of washing trough, roving to

Be born inside economy still is the centre of gravity that spins machine development

Published on 2017-10-12

The graph is on2013Year1-4Forehead of foreign trade of textile of main type enterprise and synchronism increase the month situation situation analyses a scheme, see not hard, in company of state-owned imports and exports, cooperative, 3 endowment below the market structure of contend for hegemony of all directions of enterprise, civilian battalion company, civilian battalion company is close200The export trade forehead of 100 million dollars gained more distinct advantage for its undoubtedly, it

China spins the technical chains that knits rigid line of business

Published on 2017-10-12

In recent years, industry of machinery of our country spin is opposite in the country of mechanical manufacturing industry new one step was stridden in giving aid to, of technical progress, function rose to be accomplished with each passing day the trade of Chinese spin machinery that standardization expands. In addition, in the stride that spins machine industry in our country, of the person that textile is benefited as the biggest also goes up with lasting high export trade specified number, d

Domestic textile needs whole to realize transition to upgrade

Published on 2017-10-12

In laying in cotton government head office by China store the Chinese cotton that cotton and combination of intercontinental futures exchange sponsor and forum of spin industry development are held 15 days in new York. The trade public figure that attend the meeting expresses, chinese textile industry is badly in need of the transition on whole upgrading. Lei Zhaohui of vise general manager of limited company of spin of Heibei emperor source says on forum, as China 30 old economy high speed deve

Spin industry carries out the energy-saving duty that decrease a platoon to make an appointment with an element to analyse

Published on 2017-10-12

The dependence of Chinese textile industry to resource rate is higher, the sources of energy is used up bigger, at present the industry is facing many difficulty in the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon: For instance the energy-saving investment that decrease a platoon is not worth most spin enterprise, advanced tooling is used rate is lower, the pressure of capital, technology is faced in real work, the industry is energy-saving a bit of the job that decrease a platoon cannot lax. And t

Home spins aircraft company eventually will parting price advantage

Published on 2017-10-12

This year1-4Month, accumulative total of dress of our country textile exports amount801.6100 million dollars, grow compared to the same period16.5%. Among them textile exit322.2100 million dollars, grow compared to the same period11.7%; Dress is exported479.4Dollar, grow compared to the same period20%, occupy textile dress to export total59.81%. With respect to the exit of dress of each month textile amount collect adds fast circumstance to look compared to the same period, 2013Year4Month, our c

The key when not Anacreontic poor dissimilation develops spin condition

Published on 2017-10-12

Business of a lot of fabrics expressed cooperative intention in the spot. Reporter spot interviewed Chen Qisheng, how to accomplish poor dissimilation with dug yarn enterprise. Taweekly: Ask you to introduce the state of the enterprise simply. Chen Qisheng: Limited company of science and technology of new material of Shandong couplet embellish held water 2011, formal 2012 put into production. It is research and development of yarn of new material of a collect, production, sale the high-tech spin

Outstanding achievement of spin garment industry improves period of expectant rich play chess

Published on 2017-10-12

Of spin enterprise advocate business Wu income and profit accumulative total rise continuously compared to the same period, increasing ratio is more consistent, explain profit and income synchronism grow; Industry sells production value accumulative total to drop somewhat compared to the same period, exit delivery rises value accumulative total is small, but compare last year is bluff type drops. The profit accumulative total of dress dress business is added compared to the same period fast unde

Of machinery of analytic international spin supplier

Published on 2017-10-12

Guide language: Show lack of power sophisticated topological features to fall a bit in the international market, india did not stop his to furnish to the spin machinery product of foreign market; Conversely, it is with what last product requirement serves to wait for the market at Vietnam, Pakistan, China more; Chinese spin mechanically-laid web thinks, this one of Indian spin machinery is gone against oppose state what photographing the demand season that resemble with its is not divided. Many

Predict 2013 spin industry moves smoothly show first low hind Gao Zhi situation

Published on 2017-10-12

What vice-chairman of association of Chinese textile industry holds secretary-general tall brave concurrently to be held today is medium spin express on round-table forum, gross value of industrial output of industry of 1-11 month spin was last year 5.224 trillion, current increase rate is 11.9% , but compare 20 years with the past, increase rate is to drop however. Current whole society is in a transition period, and a progress of Chinese economy society will be during 925 of important adjustme

Nearly 5 years industry of garment of our country spin attracts wind to send nearly 1.2 billion dollar

Published on 2017-10-12

Clear family data shows, industry of garment of our country spin produced wind to invest case 16 cases 2008, exposure invests amount 160 million dollar; This industry produced wind to invest case 12 cases 2009, exposure invests amount 253 million dollar; Produced wind to invest case 24 cases 2010, exposure invests amount 279 million dollar; Produced wind to invest case 34 cases 2011, exposure invests amount 305 million dollar; Produced wind to invest case 5 cases first half of the year 2012, exp

Downstream demand still does not spin look forward to to place a hope to force after city

Published on 2017-10-12

Recently, whole of domestic yarn market is insipid, the sale has disappeared to turn, the enterprise manages pressure to be decreased hard. Have company report, not only outside sheet is Xiaochan, short sheet, connect inside odd now also is scarce. Only combing yarn sells be able to pass now, other yarn is serious and slow-moving. Company of a few spin reduced near future actively to produce can, expedite a salesperson to attend each district yarn to be on sale meeting, contact a few old clients

Reason of fall after a rise of index of analytic textile PMI is analytic

Published on 2017-10-12

Guide language: Cover output, new order, obtain employment, supplier to deserve to send, inventory the PMI of face of activity of 5 old economy, not only it is a comprehensive exponential system, it is the quota of go ahead of the rest that economy monitors more. Chinese spin mechanically-laid web thinks, the dilate that the value of manufacturing industry PMI of 50.1% makes clear the our country manufacturing industry that shows period to still be stabilized relatively at period, but textile is

2013 spin machine market to take situation analysis

Published on 2017-10-12

Guide language: The puts delay, technology to upgrade sluggish delay of the amplitude of lack of power, crop that economy grows show gave machine of our country spin industry early days develops slant to be changed. Chinese spin mechanically-laid web is analysed, the internationalization of home market is mature with each passing day already, the industry strategy height of international market of home market of base oneself upon, scan widely also becomes place of spin machinery industry cannot

China spins a city gently: Of short duration of complete bombazine price is firm

Published on 2017-10-12

Current, be worth when cotton supplies temporary shortage. Recently, henan saved spin guild to hold situation of pily supply and demand to analyse an informal discussion in Zhengzhou organization. On the meeting, the controller that comes from Henan to save company of spin of 13 keys cotton signs jointly, appeal the country lays in cotton usu. in anticipation of or in order to bring about a fall in price to cannot stop. On June 6, the enterprise learns from conference of cotton of 2013 China Int

China spins a city gently: Market of fabrics of autumn winter originality suffers bestow favor on

Published on 2017-10-12

China spins a city gently to enter near future market, summer weather is poor model fabrics merchandise on hand appears on the market somewhat acute is decreased, most breed merchandise on hand clinchs a deal day-to-day next defeat, spot price is certain in go soft, weak city clinchs a deal to still be not worth relatively. Fabrics of Dan Qiudong originality appears on the market to increase ceaselessly, new fund fabrics leaves weak local growth, dress production company purchases business oppos

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