Textile flammability standard nots allow small gaze

Published on 2019-05-11

Commission of American consumer safety (CPSC) and Belle Investment Corporation announced in be opposite, homebred children sleeps jointly a few days ago gown carries out freewill sex recall.

It is reported, this recall product sleeps for children of Richie House card gown, composition is 100% dacron. Dimension of place carry out is 4/5-12/14 about, the color that 4 kinds differ / printing combination: Gules / doggie design, blue / white of butterfly design, pink / wave drop pattern, complete pink. Sleep gown imprints on cervical tailor label the model of written characters that has product measure and Richie House LosAngeles.

The product of this recall in December 2015 – was in only in March 2017 Yamaxun net inn (Www.Amazon.com) work off makes an appointment with 1500. About 20 dollars reach unit price 22 dollars. Recall reason is afore-mentioned sleeping gown does not accord with American federal statute to concern ” standard of dress textile flammability ” requirement, have the risk that creates burn. Up to now, have not receive allow why to use relevant accident report and person loss report with this. Commission of American consumer safety (CPSC) proposal consumer should instantly disuse recall product, avoid children to contact and contact Richie House in order to obtain sum refund.

Xiamen sea dark blue examines quarantine bureau warns relevant company, pay close attention to recall information in time, the attention collects laws and regulations of foreign relevant law and standard requirement, improve product quality ceaselessly, avoid rejected product to export abroad and cause needless pecuniary loss.