14 are spun machine occupation standard includes the 2nd batc

Published on 2019-05-11

A few days ago, print and distribute of industry letter ministry ” the 2nd batch of occupation standard were made 2017 trim plan ” announcement, include 728 occupation standard, involve box of illuminant of dimension of electromotor ground course, textile standard, dry goods among them test meter of perpendicular burning behavior, spin is general and electronic-controlled equipment technology standard, stainless steel guides roller type makes the same score gauze of end of washing trough, roving to keep clear of automatically machine, monolayer pulls a boarding machine, spin to depart with dust squeezing ramming implement, cottony machine.

Announcement requirement, the standard unit that draft should notice to do good metric system to decide with the technology test and verify of innovation, experiment, intellectual property deals with, industrialization is advanced, coordinate; what use promotion to standardize a technology to put in an unit, technology ‘s charge as a whole organization, concerned guild (federation) , group company (enterprise) wait for a director unit, the document seasonable transmit reachs to basically draft an unit, do good standard opinion to ask for technology of sue for peace to examine wait for the job, examine good technology close; to be versed in department bureau should do good occupation standard to make related letter ministry edit the government of the process works, ensure standard quality; is in the executive process of the plan, if need to undertake adjustment to standard project, deal with by concerned regulation.