The European Union edits beard of attestation of dry goods of

Published on 2019-05-11

On July 27, communique of European Union government released committee to decide (EU)2017/1392, undertake editing to 2014/350/EU of standard of label of zoology of textile of former European Union, beard of attestation of textile of zoology of European Union of our country exit is advertent.

The European Union issued 2014/350/EU date resolution on June 13, 2014, its content set the zoology standard of attestation of label of environmental protection of European Union textile, this standard made clear textile limits, stipulated the limitation of harmful and chemical material is used, the key listed REACH code awaits the set limit to that chooses camber of corporeal detailed list to pay close attention to content, clear textile produces the environmental protection standard that each flow in machining a process should observe.

Edit this, have to 2014/350/EU date resolution and its accessory multinomial edit, among them the most important is the period of efficacy that extends provision of attestation of textile zoology label, by will lengthen in June 2018 to adopt resolution to remove calculative that day inside 78 months, namely in January 2024. Additional, edit content still includes: Edit all sorts of spin fibrous definitions with applicable resolution, make make textile also the opportunity obtains zoology label attestation partly. Modification accessory 14(b)(iv) concerned limitation is used waterproof, dustproof reach prevent besmirch to handle, make with walk on the similar provision that reachs furniture product to agree in the light of the shoe. Join cleaner textile of zoology of 1 European Union restricts the appendix inside corporeal detailed list. Edit the standard of textile colour fastness.

Attestation of label of European Union zoology (EU Eco-label) is the system of order of freewill sex mark that the European Union published 1992, manufacturing business is stuck in the product that accords with relevant specification add label, show its product can reduce the effect of opposite state environment. Zoology label applies for the price not to poor, application standard is relatively rigid also. The enterprise acquires zoology ticket, not only conduce to increase product class and win more extensive client group, was to take a product more the pass of popular big Europe, because the attestation of zoology label is otherer than the European Union the code of admittance is more strict, give inside the other country that the zoology label that European Union place makes has 25 members country and European economy area in its approbate.

The idea that lives as green is more and more thorough popular feeling, more and more textile exporter undertake zoology textile attestation actively, the European Union applies in textile domain the most extensive basically have ticket of two kinds of green, namely label of European Union zoology (Eco-label) and OEKO-TEXstandard 100. Former standard involves the many aspects such as itself of spin raw material, production, product and durable sex, latter basically pays close attention to textile itself. Former more stricter than latter requirement. From the point of current development trend, former progress is relatively slow, latter is numerous however, spread all over the whole world. Color patch of other spin light green is signed on European Union market, if mark of boreal Europe swan reachs Holand environment label to wait, basically be regional, influence and far not as good as Eco-label and OEKO-TEX Standard 100. Opposite at the developed country, the requirement of zoology textile technology of our country is relatively inferior however. Active ” zoology textile technology asks ” (GB/T 18885-2009) carries out nearly 8 years from January 1, 2010, had not undertaken editing, and annual meeting of Eco-label every 3-5 undertakes complement and be modificationed, OEKO-TEX Standard 100 can undertake every year editing, level of textile of our country zoology is accordingly medium, set limit to of poisonous and harmful material if benzene of formaldehyde, heavy metal lead, cadmium, adjacent is diatomic the index such as acerbity ester already far the zoology textile standard of alliance of lag Yu Ou, and difference still is being increased stage by stage, the share that level of European Union zoology did not reach in our country standard can become the obstacle that my textile exports.

Examine quarantine branch warns the company that is about to apply for zoology label attestation: Code of textile of zoology of close attention international is dynamic. Begin technical research and development energetically at the same time, seek green craft and the raw material relative to environmental protection, dress to the rigiddest standard on international, reduce poisonous and harmful material to exceed tender risk.