2013 spin machine market to take situation analysis

Published on 2019-05-11
Guide language: The puts delay, technology to upgrade sluggish delay of the amplitude of lack of power, crop that economy grows show gave machine of our country spin industry early days develops slant to be changed. Chinese spin mechanically-laid web is analysed, the internationalization of home market is mature with each passing day already, the industry strategy height of international market of home market of base oneself upon, scan widely also becomes place of spin machinery industry cannot evasive, raise ability of industry technology research and development and industrial concentration to spend become industry head to wait for the doorsill that span.
Since 2012, suffer spin industry to run phasic impact, our country spins aircraft company common order form glides, profit drops, market sale was immersed in in recent years lowermost cereal. How long will this kind of situation still last? Next year whether change somewhat? How does the enterprise plan the production henceforth? Many 100 spin aircraft company controller to taking these doubt to attend ~ will grow 14 days in Fujian on December 13 happy production of held industry of machinery of spin of 2013 year whole nation manages working informal discussion.
Before 2012 3 quarters, spin machine industry to come true advocate business Wu income eighty billion six hundred and sixty-four million yuan, grow 6.33% compared to the same period; Implementation sells production value seventy-nine billion two hundred and ninety-nine million yuan, grow 7.73% compared to the same period; Implementation profit total 4.623 billion yuan, grow 1% compared to the same period; Specified number of deficit company loss is 331 million yuan, increase 175 million yuan; Deficit range is 15.83% , than going up year of the corresponding period increase 6 percent. Before 3 quarters, amount of spin machinery imports and exports 4.816 billion dollar, drop compared to the same period 16.49% . Among them, export 1.679 billion dollar, grow 1.62% compared to the same period; Import 3.138 billion dollar, drop compared to the same period 23.76% .
Vice-chairman of federation of Chinese textile industry holds director of reputation of association of industry of equipment of machinery of spin of secretary-general, China concurrently Gao Yong is comprehensive on the meeting analysed spin industry whole develops posture and its influencing factor since 2012, right the development of the enterprise offerred a proposal 2013.
Gao Yong says, since 2012, as a result of outside the adjustment that needs insufficient, home to invest a structure, rate of growth of our country economy appeared relatively apparent glide. To spin industry character besides get global economy is low beyond lowliness impact, difference of vast price of domestic and international cotton brought apparent pressure to spin enterprise, also brought about spin business is global since 2012 the trend that presents benefit to glide. And the depression of industry of cotton spinning, chemical fibber is direct since 2012 affect the market sale that spins machine industry. Gao Yong says, still did not settle the effective program with cotton poor price at present, difference of predicting cotton price will still continue to affect the moving situation of spin industry. So, he reminds those who spin aircraft company to must accelerate product construction to adjust, change our country to spin machine industry to depend on the current situation of cotton spinning and chemical fibber equipment overly as soon as possible.
Gao Yong says, spinning machine trade situation and macroscopical economic situation is inseparable. Spin aircraft company to should jump out to spin machine look spin machine, want to pay close attention to the adjustment of spin industry, product, area closely, industry of follow closely spin adjust direction and adjust spin the product structure of machine.
Wang Shutian of director of association of industry of equipment of Chinese spin machinery generalizes the development that spun machine industry 2012 for two characteristics, it is the product sold a structure to produce very big change. For instance, machine of cotton spinning spun yarn sells many 8800, drop compared to the same period 35.57% , grow Che Chao to cross 2800 among them, grow 18.88% compared to the same period. This falls a litre of change that is sex of a mark, it is to come for years the concentration that industry technology progresses is reflected. 2 it is with Jiangsu gold industrial limited company buys Ou Ruikang natural fine peace keeping is spun machine only career ministry is the representing’s enterprise and buy the action and join cotton spinning lead plane to make an industry be a delegate with Changzhou is the same as and spinning aircraft company, make spin engine production to made company structure produce constant change. This is meant spin machine industry next year to will appear likely a new structure.
Speak of the development that spins machine industry next year, wang Shutian says, will come no matter spin industry is develop in home, still be to southeast Asia other country is transferred, after the sale of spin machinery all can tighten therewith. But at present our country spins aircraft company whole world to fight ability is weaker, industry internationalization level is more defective. To spinning there is two catastrophes problem to want exceed for machine industry: It is the core innovation capability that needs to increase a business, 2 it is to need to raise industrial concentration to spend, avoid excessive competition. Wang Shutian says, spin machine market to be in cold winter at present, hope enterprise can use this opportunity to make be adjusted effectively independently.
Join meeting enterprise to think the market situation of next year will appear polarization appearance generally, one part equipment is likely demand is very hot, the sale of one part equipment is compared possibly even gloomy 2012. The equipment such as cotton spinning, chemical fibber produces an enterprise to think, if value of unalterable domestic and international cotton is enormous the current situation of difference, spin engine topological features next year more austere. Loom, especially because the enterprise of air-jet loom harvested a large number of order 2012, think next year market still is close friends than 2012, its reason is user enterprise must have chosen automation level the equipment with tall, high efficiency. Also somebody thinks, no matter spin market situation how, spin industry invests and the demand of technical reformation is existence. Spin industry sufferred an effect 2012 the biggest is medium and small businesses more, the big company with a few strong competition ability still maintains growth, technical reformation also is advanced in ground of in an orderly way in, fujian area is behaved so that highlight particularly. Ability of industry of long 2012 happy spin changes investment to amount to 4.3 billion yuan. Introduce according to local spin bureau, at present long happy spin has 30 in the warp knitting in building a project, cotton spinning has 27, chemical fibber has 7, the devoted strength of next year will be increased further, and these projects all need strong equipment to support.
On the informal discussion, electromechanical of company of machinery of spin of Fujian Xin harbor, Pacific Ocean (group) abb of group of spin of company, Ou Ruikang, classics spins spin of cat of gold of aircraft company, Chongqing the enterprise such as equipment company communicated respective product development and manufacturing situation, sharing them with everybody is how to be passed below the circumstance with trade adverse 2012 economic situation reduce the cost, experience that increases efficiency to achieve the biggest beneficial result.