Reason of fall after a rise of index of analytic textile PMI

Published on 2019-05-11
Guide language: Cover output, new order, obtain employment, supplier to deserve to send, inventory the PMI of face of activity of 5 old economy, not only it is a comprehensive exponential system, it is the quota of go ahead of the rest that economy monitors more. Chinese spin mechanically-laid web thinks, the dilate that the value of manufacturing industry PMI of 50.1% makes clear the our country manufacturing industry that shows period to still be stabilized relatively at period, but textile is worth us however under the PMI index of 50% thoughtful.
In Feburary, chinese manufacturing industry purchases manager index (PMI) for 50.1% , relatively go up lunar fall after a rise 0.3 percent, basically divide an index to also have different rate fall after a rise. Except suffer besides influence of Spring Festival element, the order of production enterprise continues to maintain in inferior level, caused the fall after a rise of PMI index.
PMI index continued in Feburary small drop, adumbrative economy growth still is in smooth condition. But, new order index, export order index continues to drop, show order level continues to drop, especially textile, farming 10 industries such as industry of deputy food treatment under 50% . Look from area, mid prep above 50% ; The eastpart part, western and under 50% . Look from enterprise dimensions, large company prep above 50% ; Medium-sized with small business under 50% .
The PMI index of spin industry under 50% , the personage inside course of study has early also to this forecast. Start working of medium and small businesses is insufficient, company order is maintained all the time in inferior level, this was last year the continuance of posture of the end of the year. Look from the international market, because unemployment rate resides Europe, United States not to fall high, economy anabiosises have improvement hard. Quantify loose monetary policy, brought about textile dress to export the atrophy of the market directly. Especially Japan, disregard his country interest, execute quantify loose monetary policy, aggravate the uncertainty that exports the market. Look from our country home market, although the Spring Festival Feburary draws the demand of high-grade textile dress in was being moved, but this one demand basically is in centrally big in city, face numerous low income group, this one demand also was changed infirmly.
The external environment that our country textile faces now is complex and changeful, global economy anabiosises the course is hard still and meandering. In the meantime, our country economy is added fast exposed contradiction and problem are exposed to be in in process of fall after a rise continuously short-term inside get be settlemented at all hard. Current, most spin enterprise still is faced with cost to rise, the multiple pressure such as order inadequacy, microcosmic economy vigor is insufficient.