Downstream demand still does not spin look forward to to plac

Published on 2018-08-13

Recently, whole of domestic yarn market is insipid, the sale has disappeared to turn, the enterprise manages pressure to be decreased hard. Have company report, “ not only outside sheet is Xiaochan, short sheet, connect inside odd now also is scarce. Only combing yarn sells be able to pass now, other yarn is serious and slow-moving. Company of a few spin reduced ” near future actively to produce can, expedite a salesperson to attend each district yarn to be on sale meeting, contact a few old clients actively to sell stock. In the meantime, because raw material cost rises continuously, many enterprises increased bombazine to sell quoted price in succession, but downstream enterprise not show respect for.

“ produces a ton of yarn to want deficient 1000-2000 now yuan, true injury does not rise. At present Shandong saves ” a few medium or small spin enterprise still is in deficit condition. Bank controller of some cotton mill calculated the city brushstroke Zhang, “ produces line of a ton of pure bombazine to need 1.15 tons of lint at least, raw material cost is in 22000-22500 yuan / ton, labour cost rose than before now 10% the left and right sides, plus carry, finance affairs and loss, the total production cost of a ton of pure bombazine exceeds 28000 yuan. ” and at present pure bombazine general combs 32S mainstream price is in 26200 yuan on the market / ton, 40S mainstream price is in 27400 yuan / ton, company loss specified number is larger. The personage inside course of study is analysed, at present most enterprise reluctance maintains 80% right-and-left yield can, but if situation of near future deficit is couldn’t get,alleviate, so the enterprise is restricted to produce, stop production phenomenon will continue grow in quantity.

Not only industry of cotton of low Duan Chun is stagnant, pure cleanse cotton mill is to step forward more dimension difficult. On March 18, price of mainstream of T65/C3532S of gauze of Shandong province pure cleanse 19600 yuan / ton, relatively drop last week 200 yuan / ton, manufacturer demand a low price takes money, the market looks air atmosphere full-bodied. Because upper reaches washs short price goes low continuously, manufacturer raises price feebly, to finished product inventory higher company brings enormous pressure.

Nevertheless, still partial enterprise anticipates to later period market taller, think busy season of tradition of dress of near future textile is forthcoming, downstream demand or have improve. In the meantime, market rumor country will increase hair quota April, or reducing cost to go up to export an enterprise to bring management a favourable turn.