China spins a city gently: Of short duration of complete bomb

Published on 2018-08-13

Current, be worth when cotton supplies temporary shortage. Recently, henan saved spin guild to hold situation of pily supply and demand to analyse an informal discussion in Zhengzhou organization. On the meeting, the controller that comes from Henan to save company of spin of 13 keys cotton signs jointly, appeal the country lays in cotton usu. in anticipation of or in order to bring about a fall in price to cannot stop.

On June 6, the enterprise learns from conference of cotton of 2013 China International, rose on July 31 from this year, the country lays in time-out cotton usu. in anticipation of or in order to bring about a fall in price. The message comes out, saved Henan to cause intense echo greatly in spin instantly.

Henan saves Li Shuqin of spin guild chairman to point out, the characteristic of Henan spin is with cotton spin is given priority to, 2012 enterprise of dimensions above spinning, manufacturing yarn 4.832 million tons, crop ranks the whole nation the 2nd. Production value holds complete province 70% of textile industry total production value, 95% what pure bombazine holds gauze total output. Accordingly, active pily policy is the oldest to Henan influence, spin saved spin to weigh calamity province greatly. The enterprise struggles on line of life and death, the company that there was an advantage in the past feels the day is very sad nowadays, many enterprises already were “ the disease is not curable ” , edge deficit limit holds to production, 40% above shut medium and small businesses.

Limited company of spin of abundant of the abundant that make prosperous with its “ equipment advanced choose and employ persons little, management is contracted do not be short of labour, capital to borrow money amply harmony of little, enterprise is happy exponential tall ” 4 big characteristics and advantage are celebrated. But can go up in this, loose afterwards of the Song Dynasty shows president of limited company of spin of abundant of the abundant that make prosperous however: The day of spin enterprise is too sad. Current, price difference of domestic and international cotton is such big, the company stands hard indeed. Import cotton petty gain, the enterprise lacks quota; Homebred cotton is expensive, the company does not stand again, in a dilemma. On the market, cotton price is unpredicatable, the company does not hold, this rides blind ass ” as “ blind, the company goes not far not only, and can topple sooner or later.

In Song Song afterwards looks, the country closes store cotton presses 20400 yuan / ton close store, reserve cotton contest sells base price to be 19000 yuan / ton (standard class) , cotton of other social estate is led according to grade difference 3% , length difference is led 1% undertake calculating. Close just about store cotton and reserve cotton contest sell the price difference between, cause cast store cotton contest is bought those who become spin enterprise to show level is main purchase channel, also become the “ with only company to help straw ” . If country store cotton stops pat, the enterprise can be immersed in the condition of ” of “ cook a meal without rice, more quickened enterprise “ to close down wet ” is formed, cause a series of society problems thereby.

Wei Xuezhu analyses president of company of new wild spin, the country suspends laying in cotton usu. in anticipation of or in order to bring about a fall in price to have stated reason, basically be to be afraid of spec of a few people, low average is cast here store cotton, sell at high price again there close store cotton, from which easy gains. Actually, the country is completely capable to adopt legal measure, strengthen management to prevent the happening of this kind of phenomenon.

Besides, market environment is at present complex, not certain factor is very much, risk of many reserve cotton is very big. Company production maintains mostly with cotton now control in half month, it is to follow with along with buy, speed tantivy, reduce reserve cost, avoid market risk. Although the enterprise thinks,buy a large number of cotton to also do not have money.

Accordingly, group of spin of abundant of the abundant that make prosperous, new wild spin, Nanyang spin, Jiao Zunhai China the controller of 13 spin company such as group of smooth cotton of spin, Wei spin, Chao Ge spin, Henan appeals —— country lays in cotton usu. in anticipation of or in order to bring about a fall in price to cannot stop jointly.

On June 30, the spin of saddle hill intelligence that by Chinese spin machinery equipment industry association sponsors is mechanical seminar of industrial garden program is held in Anhui saddle hill. Vice-chairman of federation of Chinese textile industry holds secretary-general concurrently dress of spin of Wang Shutian of director of association of industry of equipment of machinery of spin of Yao Mu of academician of Gao Yong, Chinese Academy of Engineering, China, China is pedagogic this world of conference chairman Ni is born, Chinese machinery studies scientificly total courtyard productivity, and key of the expert scholar of relevant unit, home spun aircraft company delegate to attend a seminar.

Garden of industry of intelligent spin machinery is saddle hill carry on a priority discipline that the industry changes demonstrative garden area. Intelligence spins area of program of machine industry garden to be 4.5 square kilometer, cent is made for service of technology of research and development, production, headquarters economy and technical service, sale shows 5 large area. Industrial garden is preliminary program: To 2015, spin machine gross value of industrial output to achieve 3 billion yuan, bibcock enterprise Home 2~3, medium and small businesses 30; To 2020, spin machine gross value of industrial output to achieve 10 billion yuan, bibcock enterprise Home 5~6, strive to build home the area of garden of intelligent spin machinery with banner, famous international. Current, project of equipment of whole set of machinery of spin of Feng Kai high end and project of equipment of spin of day hair intelligence had entered garden to build.

Last year in September, saddle hill municipal government and association of industry of equipment of Chinese spin machinery signed construction intelligence to spin agreement of cooperation of strategy of machine industry garden. After this, association of industry of equipment of Chinese spin machinery spins project of machine industry garden around construction intelligence, cooperated area of saddle hill demonstrative garden to begin a series of works. The program that this workshop purpose aims to invite the expert inside course of study to spin machine industry garden in the light of intelligence and development feel pulse consultation, offer guiding opinion to work next.

Gao Yong says on the seminar, to get used to the demand that the industry upgrades, enterprise of our country spin uses automation to equip in great quantities at present, cotton spinning enterprise already used worker worker from the 10 thousand ingot of planned economy period 320 people, reduce 30 people. 10 thousand ingot use the most advanced spinning device on the world now labour has 12 people only, and these advanced equipment our country rely on an entrance even mostly. This specification is homebred spin machine technology level and the textile industry requirement in upgrading at transition to still have certain difference. So, below this kind of setting, the adjustment that saddle hill intelligence changes the construction that spins machine industry garden to will spin machine industry to our country undoubtedly upgrades rose to urge action actively.

Expert attending the meeting and entrepreneur spun the construction that knits mechanical industry garden to offer sufficient affirmation to saddle hill intelligence, also offerred constructive opinion and proposal to the program of industrial garden at the same time, baconian rise involve 5 aspects:

Want to make clear intelligence to spin the product fixed position of machine industry garden, avoid low-level repeat construction. Spinning aircraft machinery is the industry of many breed, the equipment technology difficulty of different sort and workmanship difference are very big. Accordingly, garden area plans to answer farther fractionize and tangible product fixed position, the investor that should spin machine industry garden to enter intelligence establishs a threshold, just can form embrace a group so, the industrial garden that has resultant force.

The 2 steely resource advantages that should produce saddle mountain, form industrial catenary form a complete set to develop new structure. Spin machinery has the demand of a lot of general character, for instance board gold, cast, garden area can consider to build board gold machining center, cast machining center. Form the form a complete set that spins aircraft main engine and fittings industry catenary not only inside garden area, form the butt joint of relevant industry catenary even.

3 should build communal technology to serve platform, satisfy the general character requirement of the enterprise. Current, spin aircraft company to enter informatization period gradually, computer design, cartography applies already extensively, but the fictitious project to the computer, the work that includes intelligent innovation relies on the collaboration with the university mostly. Industrial garden should integrated technology natural resources, build the communal technology that solves general character problem to serve platform, make garden enterprise enjoys diversity to serve.

The 4 education that should enhance a person with ability and education, expand professional group. Current, deficient of our country skilled worker is a general issue. Accordingly, those who become good skilled worker groom the job needs those who get local government to support energetically. The branch wants designedly to groom not only related the government student, and begin on-the-job employee to groom even, provide high quality qualified personnel to join garden company.

5 should perfect garden area form a complete set to serve, create a favorable management environment to join garden company. Besides construction of public facilities foundation, the content of garden area flows, the service such as finance needs as soon as possible follow-up. In the meantime, besides the service of form a complete set of garden area itself, still should be developed adequately and dig the resource advantage of circumjacent environment, get through area of a garden the expedite road to circumjacent area come-and-go.

Investigation, cotton of slippery recently accurate custom duty imports the market of quota to make over the price to drop apparently, market quoted price was in 3050 yuan on July 5 / or so tons, relatively 5, dropped June 300-500 yuan / ton, and the usable quota amount in importing trafficker and cotton spinning to knit factory hand relatively early days is clear grow in quantity, but because be opposite quota price, right the cotton that keep tax is spot price, right country store cotton usu. in anticipation of or in order to bring about a fall in price clinchs a deal the price is not valued, those who purchase demand use cotton company short-term the apiration that purchases the quota, cotton outside opening coop mouth falls relatively to low. The analysis inside course of study, because cotton spinning enterprise is the same as one party of “ of pily industry, experience cotton industry to give financing one party,be of contributive case ” on one hand associated contest pats means to be added gradually much, cotton spinning factory is badly in need of solving cash to sort a problem, pily industry needs to import quota or run merchandise on hand; On the other hand, as a result of hearsay the end end July is cast store hind, the country stops city about the branch 1 – 2 week hind or will start the 2nd round again cast store, the part is large and medium-sized cotton spinning factory thinks 8, still the opportunity got quota September, make over apiration to increase, and will look from use time, order just about at present after will be being reached November the good chance of the cotton outside sailing date.

A few industries that use cotton express, although country store of cotton cast reserve to increase considerably everyday, but imported cotton 2011 and do not have to the limit of one’s capacity, in July 3, 4 days of proportion that hold are insufficient 10% , however with closing 2012 store landed cotton is given priority to, the cotton spinning factory that participates in contest to pat is right 2011, closed 2012 store heart of “ of landed cotton character knows abdomen bright ”—— not only consistency is poor, and grade nots agree with, confuse form, mix approved appearance more serious. Accordingly, if July not the Xinjiang cotton that delivery of cargo from storage sells warehouse of 2012 year inland, the need that does not knit an enterprise from cotton spinning sets out, so major company will be in 8, purchased the advanced level that maintains duty or spot September bay cotton or haven character are a bit better beautiful cotton, West Africa cotton, medium inferior cotton.

Because cotton of slippery 2013 accurate custom duty, improvement trade imports quota (the improvement trade in containing the quota inside 1% custom duty) use deadline is before December 31, 2013, quota of the import inside 1% custom duty but exhibition period comes used before the bottom second year in Feburary. Press lading sheet commonly, declare at customs wait for a series of formalities to do to need a week to influence time about, because this at latest wants to be in,around will be used certainly on December 20, and press convention of in former years, china will be transferred before the bottom in December advocate of harbor outside cotton is mixed besides partial beautiful cotton outside a few India cotton, high quality West Africa cotton, medium inferior the cotton of cotton and other producing area from buy, treatment, ship will look to have difficulty, because of this to using cotton company character, come from July optional is new 2013 in December cotton place of production and amount are very limited, and once Indian cotton exports policy happening,adjust, new cotton but supply still can drop, haven keeps duty cotton will be China next entrance of the company that use cotton, only focal points.

Nevertheless, adverse to keeping duty cotton element includes: It is at present memory keeps duty cotton in haven the Indian cotton with low level, low character, beautiful cotton is given priority to, general performance is content of length weak point, short fine hair big, deficient serious case is a bit serious, very much big money is mixed to use cotton industry to see goods, sampling for many times by trafficker, although press a plan,the end end July is cast store, factory of major cotton spinning or proper motion contest are patted or pat with pily cartel contest also should store at least inventory of raw material of above of a month; 2 it is the country considers the enterprise that use cotton probably to be reached in shipment of capital, storehouse about the branch carry the adverse element that waits a respect a moment, cast probably store policy continues to the end of September all the time, and will look from contented business demand and stocks, increase imported cotton annulus to give quantity “ to arrange day of in season ” 2011, form quite big impact to keeping duty cotton. The cotton that keep tax this year whether if a few foreign traders, importer anticipates,be in in that way 8, swarmed into Chinese market September, the key views adjusting control policy of the country even.

On June 28, sponsor by federation of Chinese textile industry, chamber of commerce of Chinese textile imports and exports, China – east the Chinese spin industry that alliance center supports carries out “ to walk along ” strategy to communicate congress to be held in center of conference of Beijing international restaurant.

“ walks along ” strategy to communicate congress is the crucial period that building spin power, more large-scale organization concerns first time of union of Chinese textile industry association of ministries and commissions, trade, halt China orgnaization of diplomatic mission, concerned service and person of spin of entire industry catenary 300 much people gather together, take the communication activity that this one serious topic for discussion holds ” technically with respect to “ of spin garment industry. “ walks along ” strategy to communicate congress cent to be thematic congress and special subject dialog to discuss two parts. In a day of short time, more than 20 honored guests walked along the macroscopical setting of ” and relevant method, experience, method to share them with respect to spin industry “ think, experience, wisdom and proposal.

“ takes the main job that ” is construction of spin powerful nation

On thematic congress, wang Tiankai of chairman of union of Chinese textile industry did a problem to be ” construction spin powerful nation, push position of whole world of Chinese spin industry ” gist makes a speech. Wang Tiankai is united in wedlock in recent years development practice points out: “ of industry of our country spin walks along the motivation of ” to increase ceaselessly; “ of enterprise of our country spin walks along the practice of ” to gain active headway; Farther executive “ takes the main job that ” strategy is construction of spin powerful nation. In recent years, the example that “ of enterprise of our country spin takes ” is ceaseless grow in quantity, in the practice that invests external, also accumulated many successful experience, formed the following characteristics: The industry that investment covers, district and form are more extensive; Abroad layout and domestic industry cooperate with complementary; Base oneself upon is long-term, do good pre-construction work adequately, be on guard effectively investment risk.

Wang Tiankai points out, the productivity that at present company of our country spin invests external is given priority to with cotton spinning and dress treatment, basically be to use price of cotton of southeast Asia area and labor cost dominant position, significant cushion home creates cost pressure, consolidate international market portion. The raw material base such as cotton, deliquescent oar invests in and other places of Australia, Canada, solve resource of domestic spin raw material in short supply problem. Mature brand, cent invests to sell channel, research and development in the developed country such as the United States, England, Germany, Japan center and buy high end to create a company, strengthen innovation development to provide more effective high end resource for domestic company.

Wang Tiankai expresses, in show level, of spin enterprise invest to still answer to develop resource to be jumping-off place with industry of rich, compensatory country external, with planning as a whole with domestic industry layout, harmonious development is a target. Spin company invests external should emphasize have resource with domestic industry the link that complementary sex and industrial catenary coordinate a gender, if production of spin fiber raw material is reached,link, labor is machined first concentrated model treatment link, and the link such as the research and development that uses resource of international high end, design, sale and brand operation. To this, the industry will strengthen relevant research and guidance further, refine the way that spin industry invests external and key, enterprise should development of overall situation of have sth in mind is made reasonable invest strategy external, accomplish inside and outside to plan as a whole, efficient distribution, rising effectively while the resource that cross a state configures ability, avoid domestic industry to be changed hollowly.

Wang Tiankai emphasizes, future a period, spin industry walks along ” strategy side to launch put forth effort all directions face to work in executive “ : It is to strengthen plan as a whole layout, clear “ takes the way of ” ; 2 it is perfect service system, strengthen “ to walk along ” to ensure; 3 it is thorough and harmonious communicate, enhance “ to take ” power; 4 it is to bring industry initiative into play adequately, optimize “ to take ” effect.

In the meantime, wang Tiankai reminds an enterprise to want to do technology of good investment early days adequately to prepare, be on guard effectively investment risk: Foreign minister of meticulous understanding country closes legal institution, on-the-spot investigation invests national investment climate, experience of orgnaization of intermediary of major of sufficient have the aid of, evaluate the feasibility that invests a project in the round, the job such as the talent reserve such as the language that has made abroad development place need ahead of schedule, technology, management.