Spin aircraft company ” kingcraft “

Published on 2019-05-11
Guide language: Below the general orientation of structural adjustment, home spins aircraft company to cater to the demand of target market in succession, and oversight the development to new market. Chinese spin mechanically-laid web points out, the existence of inert main body not only the development that affecting its oneself, it is industry of machinery of our country spin more in was immersed in the supply and demand that grow in intensity to contradict.
A year of in the past, the company is growing active and actively according to the industry and domestic and international the demand of two markets, below the guidance that watchs in scientific progress, transform around economic progress means cheek by jowl this masterstroke, firmly holds structural adjustment direction of this main attack, support innovation drive and science and technology are propped up, search business chance, plan develops newly, implementation advance steadily. This is the mainstream, also be positive one side.
The other one side that cannot neglect still has equipment of machinery of a few spin to produce a business namely, still hold an illusion, rely on inherent administrative pattern, the mechanism of become rigid, still be in wait for the condition that relies on to want: Decorate in what wait for one’s direct superior, arrangement, directive, wait for the change of external environment and exterior condition; Rely on the technology of others, lean the power of the outside; Want policy to superior, should project, want fund. Although these circumstances are individual phenomenon only, but also representing a kind of liability, also be the natural habit in process of a kind of transition.
Want to be striven for actively, cannot wait rely on to want. Above all, want to solve the understanding problem that the thought locates. What executed in the past is planned economy system, the enterprise is accessary tool of the government, can wait rely on to want. And what execute now is socialist market economy, governmental policy guides, rely on the market to move, the enterprise can be inside legal frame, manage independently, assume sole responsibility for its profits or losses. Still have industry of spin machinery equipment, it is the forestall sex industry in national economy no longer, however an emulative industry, the product also is the competition that relies on the market, and the protection that does not get national boundaries, industry, no matter outside churchyard condition, as long as conditional, can participate in production, participate in competition. Still have, product breed whether satisfy the need, not be superior said to calculate, however the market said to calculate. Resource configuration, the market is a foundation. Still have of low quality of the stand or fall of product quality, actor, not be superior said to calculate, however user and direct handlers said to calculate. “ red bag is taken, sign the word, international is banner the ego investitive phenomenon of ” , inevitable henceforth meeting is less and less, the can rely on a product by force to create only infirmly fortune of market competition ability and manufacturing benefit will decide.
Of the party 18 point out clearly greatly, should accelerate perfect socialist market economy system and mend economic change way. Current, our country still is in socialism this “ does not have the international position that the main contradiction of demand of culture of material of the fundamental national condition of primary level, people and social production, our country still is in the biggest developing country 3 times change the incisive analysis of ” , show to us palpability develops way, make our train of thought more capacious.
It is really such, our country has 1.3 billion population, land of kilometer of 9.6 million square, capacious ocean awaits development, the sky that has dark blue is waited for tackle key problem, always the somebody, space that has thing, have diverse demand to textile, and the textile that still asks to have high-tech content. Besides domestic demand, export even outside the condition, accordingly, domestic and internationally broad market relies on us to develop. Spin industry has bright perspective, the production of textile is the development that cannot leave spin machinery industry more, this also is the truth.
Want active be eager to make progress, cannot wait rely on to want. From nature live in light of the rule, chicken relies on two ungual scavenge to beg not only live, and still lay to serve for the people’s livelihood. The monkey does not have person feed natively, lean oneself go up and pluck food maintains bread on the tree, so, the brain of the monkey, limb is agile, life grows again. And pig young relies on others to come feed, hungry know to cry only, rely on host to feed, satiate sleep, woke up continue to eat, so, brain is underdeveloped, life short, can make a food in people life only. Of course, the pig also is a kind of animal, also be treasure all over, the society that also ought to have it lives position. Although this analogy is very not appropriate, but the specification wants actuate machine, start work beat one’s brains. Because, the person has two treasure, both hands and cerebra. Both hands wants do manual work, cerebrum should think, hand head is not moved, meet become rigid, be about to degrade.
Active enterprising can be created tomorrow brilliant, etc rely on to want a likelihood of bungle happiness tomorrow. Can’t afford to lose the opportunity, come no longer when. In former days Daqing person, back as just judge, the foot steps a prairie, rely on “ two advance by ” of law of dichotomy of ” build up, “ , created terrestrial miracle, achieve gave ” of “ Daqing spirit.
Tickler is not had on the world, be afraid of a person with high aspirations and determination only. In each spin machinery produces a business in, have 1000 army 10 thousand horses, have solid corporeal technology base, and the person is the most precious. Should rely on oneself adequately only 1000 army the both hands of 10 thousand horses and cerebra, those who increase social power cooperate with, in this society, have the land of use force greatly. Let our joint efforts, in development of innovation drive, transition, creation is better tomorrow.