Textile benefit is attributive, who is to win the home finall

Published on 2019-05-11

2013Year1-4Month, with the general commerce, our country textile that is main trade pattern into makings treatment, supplied materials treatment, other commerce the industry realizes accumulative total to export the specified number342.64100 million dollars, grow compared to the same period11.49%. In light of the exit amount that realizes with respect to different trade pattern, forehead of exit of its accumulative total amounts to the general commerce that is main condition with unilateral output265.94100 million dollars, grow compared to the same period10.57%, take specified amount of total export trade77.61%. And the trade of processing with customer’s material that provides raw material to be main condition with the foreign trader comes true nearly1.98The exit forehead of 100 million dollars, drop compared to the same period16.7%.

Chinese spin mechanically-laid web Http://Www.chinatex.info/ Analysis, the advantage of general commerce is highlighted what made clear structure of Chinese textile industry namely is perfect change, also made affirmation to spinning the development that knits rigid line of business. Spin machinery is the base that textile expands, the emerge in large numbers of new technology, new technology, new product can aid force spin machinery to be able to last of already aid growth, rise abruptly to also will have the special effect that cannot replace to the internationalization of our country textile.

the domestic spin machine that shows period, of craft, technology homebred change already notted allow to ignore; Try an analysis, in capacious product requirement and hasten certain topological features falls, if industry of Chinese spin machinery does not come with ego aggrandizement casting competes with respect to the market advantage, again rich and generous benefit also can be in indelicacy of soft costal region of technology or some structure enters foreign bursa in. Accordingly, the technical research and development that has specific aim and new product development will be machinery of our country spin the industry takes the route that can develop continuously not 2 law.