China spins the technical chains that knits rigid line of bus

Published on 2019-05-11

In recent years, industry of machinery of our country spin is opposite in the country of mechanical manufacturing industry new one step was stridden in giving aid to, of technical progress, function rose to be accomplished with each passing day the trade of Chinese spin machinery that standardization expands. In addition, in the stride that spins machine industry in our country, ” of the person that textile is benefited as the biggest “ also goes up with lasting high export trade specified number, drawing the attention of public figure of domestic and international industry.

Through going up the plan discovers not hard, wide gap of huge imports and exports clear the tall tendency that showing progress of industry of textile of our country inland area. With respect to1-4Terrestrial area is right inside month our country in light of the situation of imports and exports of North America free-trade area, although the entrance is added compared to the same period situation want redundant exit to add situation about22Percent, but44.83The export trade forehead of 100 million dollars and41.94The favorable balance of trade of 100 million dollars made clear inland area to prevail in textile market place undoubtedly.

Chinese spin mechanically-laid web Http:// The analysis points out, the advantage that inland area takes in textile market place already clearly, how the competitive advantage that casting spins loom tool industry, the joint development below implementation interaction will make trade of machinery of our country spin undoubtedly developing will weigh big task henceforth.

Show level, the speech that spins technology of loom instrument core counterpoises, still be accused by palm of place of manufacturing industry developed country, still spin loom tool industry at developing our country not only should bear the pressure with internal perfect composition, of the foreign enterprise also industry business place must face be full of. Accordingly, of core technology be being changed independently will be henceforth the main attack direction of industry of machinery of spin of the our country inside a paragraph of period.