Domestic textile needs whole to realize transition to upgrade

Published on 2019-05-11

In laying in cotton government head office by China store the Chinese cotton that cotton and combination of intercontinental futures exchange sponsor and forum of spin industry development are held 15 days in new York. The trade public figure that attend the meeting expresses, chinese textile industry is badly in need of the transition on whole upgrading.

Lei Zhaohui of vise general manager of limited company of spin of Heibei emperor source says on forum, as China 30 old economy high speed develop and people living standard rises ceaselessly, the labor of Chinese spin enterprise uses labor cost, energy cost, raw material cost to wait to rising considerably. He thinks, chinese spin industry already materiality ground enters deepness to adjust cycle.

Lei Zhaohui suggests, above all, the enterprise should adjust product structure, abandon low, product of low end, low additional cost, change direction to be raised high, product of high end, high additional cost. Next, the essence of life that improves a product refines a level, core is promotion level of management and technical level. The 3rd, do conformity of good industry catenary, establish the downstream close connection between, arrive from cotton brand, arrive from research and development sale, establish strategic collaboration relationship. The 4th, extend sale domain actively, abandoning spin dress while, cooperate the traditional industry such as medical treatment, wholesome, building, traffic upgrade replacement, aerospace of with a view to, environmental protection strategical of burgeoning industry arisen, make the applied domain of spin fiber material and goods is extended considerably, seek the new power of the development of spin industry and support.

In store Liu Hua of cotton law total adviser says on forum, since country of this century junior high school joins World Trade Organization, domestic textile industry develops quickly. The spin of rapid dilate is produced can, need much pily raw material. Although use cotton scale in successive years to drop, by this century first 60% the left and right sides drops 40% the left and right sides, year the quantity that use cotton still is maintained for years control in 10 million tons. Nearly two years Chinese cotton closes store the price and international cotton price are put in bigger price difference, tell from active meaning, this also made one part the pace that the spin enterprise of low-level dilate quickens technical reformation, chinese spin enterprise was quickened to upgrade from the transition on whole on some kind of meaning.