Outstanding achievement of spin garment industry improves per

Published on 2019-05-11

Of spin enterprise advocate business Wu income and profit accumulative total rise continuously compared to the same period, increasing ratio is more consistent, explain profit and income synchronism grow; Industry sells production value accumulative total to drop somewhat compared to the same period, exit delivery rises value accumulative total is small, but compare last year is bluff type drops. The profit accumulative total of dress dress business is added compared to the same period fast under advocate accumulative total of business Wu income is added fast, explain gain condition is relatively poor; Industrial sale production value and accumulative total of exit delivery cost compare stability together. Dropped considerably 2011 relatively 2012, basic sole, the effect of small cardinal number 2013 is brought likely add fast promotion.

The market goes situation index of the card on January rises 6.68% , shanghai is deep 300 indexes rise 8.41% , explain industry of garment of 10 thousand spin rises 4.27% , explain index of production industry of 10 thousand spin rises 5.39% , explain home of 10 thousand dress spins industry index to rise 3.30%.1 month end, value of estimate of spin garment industry is 22.44 times, spin makes industry estimate value be 36.9 times, dress home spins industry estimate value to be 17.99 times.

Investment is politic the market level January is better, appreciably of spin garment industry lags behind at grail, especially dress home spins an industry to experience sluggish to go up again, appraise is worth whole to drop. Go up sign is better is a concept, if lukewarm city gold transforms the company that involve, and the home that whole rises spins an industry. The consumptive growth before the home spins Spring Festival of company benefit from benefit from sends concept, high turn prices and estate board piece expression, and appear after second half of the year dropped greatly 2012, go best situation. But because go up bigger had accumulated particular risk, the admirable outstanding achievement that appears possibly first quarter has been digested by the market, did not come to what the home spins a company to go situation may be abate. At present the market begins to enter concentrated outstanding achievement premonitory period, the prices that did not come for some time will come by outstanding achievement forecast and other information dominant, what can pay close attention to is outstanding achievement is amended up, or the outstanding achievement such as make up the deficits and get surpluses surpasses expectant company.

The industry property that is based on optional consumable picks up with what consume data, keep grade of neuter to the “ of whole of spin garment industry ” . Recommend announcement to add hair undertake yield again can dilate and extend product line, consolidate of industry bibcock position in course of study of silver-colored cloth with soft nap, because equity drive plans to cancel and cause cost one-time plan carry and exceed dropping Lang Zi share, with the beautiful country dress that undertakes inventory management obtains result.