Nearly 5 years industry of garment of our country spin attrac

Published on 2019-05-11

Clear family data shows, industry of garment of our country spin produced wind to invest case 16 cases 2008, exposure invests amount 160 million dollar; This industry produced wind to invest case 12 cases 2009, exposure invests amount 253 million dollar; Produced wind to invest case 24 cases 2010, exposure invests amount 279 million dollar; Produced wind to invest case 34 cases 2011, exposure invests amount 305 million dollar; Produced wind to invest case 5 cases first half of the year 2012, exposure invests amount 199 million dollar.

From the investment measure of garment industry and investment amount two dimension are spent in light of, had the tendency that presents a steady growth 2008, achieved 2011 in last few years investment fastigium, compare 2010, investment measure and investment amount are become add state, amplitude is respectively 41.7% reach 9.4% . Enter 2012 first half of the year circumstance and photograph of the corresponding period compared vivid jerk 2011 somewhat inferior, although invest amount to achieve 199 million yuan, but investment measure is less.

Wang Yixuan of research center analyst represents clear family, chinese clothing company is experiencing the change of the part, give priority to Xiang Zijian brand to transform from first acting production and acting treatment. Fast fashionable brand brought new lease of life for garment industry, accompanying Zara, well-known fast fashionable trademark is in the abroad such as HM the acceleration of the successful operation of Chinese market and outspread pace, quick style is become numerous in low end one of operation pattern that clothing company compose establishs.

Wang Yixuan analysis thinks, market size of China is large, consumer demand increasingly diversification, garment industry still is put in larger development space. But notable is, fast fashionable brand of China did not achieve the “ fast ” on real significance, model in the brand, the difference that the existence of commodity design, fast fashionable brand that supplies respect and the abroad such as catenary conformity cannot ignore. If “ is tall,inventory pressure ” becomes the global problem that fast fashionable brand faces numerous China.