Industry letter ministry publishs industry of printing and dyeing two new rule, what effect will produce to the enterprise?

Published on 2019-05-11

Industry of printing and dyeing appeared on the market 2017 the newspaper in the company gives heat, business income of Zhejiang rich profit 866 million yuan, increase 109.05%; compared to the same period China spin share business income 1.311 billion yuan, increase 21.29%; compared to the same period business income of boat civilian share 1.616 billion yuan, increase 1.95%; beautiful glad to amount to business income compared to the same period 360 million yuan, drop compared to the same period 10.12% .

Recently, industry letter ministry is right ” condition of admittance of industry of printing and dyeing (2010 revised edition) ” (2010 〕 of industry spending 〔 the 93rd announcement) and ” announcement of admittance of enterprise of printing and dyeing runs temporary measure ” (2012 〕 of 〔 of consumption of industry letter ministry 40) undertook editing, form ” condition of standard of industry of printing and dyeing (2017 edition) ” and ” announcement of standard of industry of printing and dyeing runs temporary measure ” . What effect will this produce to the enterprise?

Condition of standard of industry of printing and dyeing (2017 edition)

Upgrade to promote structural adjustment of industry of industry of printing and dyeing and transition, production of industry of normative printing and dyeing is managed and invest behavior, advance the energy-saving cleanness that decrease a platoon to produce, lead industry of printing and dyeing to the technology concentrated, resource managing, environment is friendly model the industry grows, concern law, code and industrial policy according to the country, make this normative requirement.

One, company position

(One) location of construction of company of printing and dyeing ought to accord with national industry program and industrial policy, accord with program of area of function of our region main body, urban and rural program, land to use overall planning and zoology environment program to ask. Trunk stream of catchment of 7 big focal points is coastal, want to control venture of environment of project of printing and dyeing strictly, equitable distribution produces device.

(2) branch and province are concerned in the State Council, country (municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government) the view that class people government provides sets to project of printing and dyeing must not be built inside limits outside area, natural groove guard, drinking water groove guard and border of main river two sides scenic spot. Already produced the need that the enterprise should plan according to area and protects zoology environment in the printing and dyeing of operation of the put into production inside afore-mentioned area, shut through closing lawfully, remove, change the line of production wait for means to exit.

(3) lack water or water quality poorer area in principle must not build project of printing and dyeing. Fountainhead builds project of printing and dyeing relative to ample area, the branch wants to plan scientificly related local government, equitable distribution, construction is centered inside industrial garden area, execute the concentration that centers heat addition and contaminant to handle. Environmental quality does not amount to the construction project of mark area, on the foundation that should amount to mark to plan in environmental quality within a definite time, content area reduces executive water pollution plan. Course of study of foreign enterprise of industrial garden area should move ingoing garden stage by stage.

2, craft and equipment

(One) enterprise of printing and dyeing should use a technology the equipment of advanced, energy-saving environmental protection, implementation of main craft parameter is online detect and automata. Build or change product line of extend printing and dyeing to overall level should be achieved or be close to international advanced level. Encourage use catch change makings is automatic match fluid to carry a system. Taboo country sets clearly eliminate kind of backward production technology and equipment, taboo short of is energy-saving what environmental protection asks is secondhand equipment. Cotton, chemical fibber and construction of design of project of printing and dyeing of blending machine fabric should be carried out ” printworks design is normative ” (GB50426) .

(2) continuous it is good that bath unit wants sealing, deserve to refluent, efficient full and heat energy reclaim device. Bath of equipment of intermittent type coloring is more contented than answering 1: 8 the following craft ask. The working procedure such as hot figuration, coating is volatile organic matter (VOCs) waste gas should collect processing, encourage use solvent to reclaim with more than heat device.

3, quality and management

(One) enterprise of printing and dyeing should develop product of green of manufacturing low consumption, low pollution, encourage the spin product that introduces development of new technology, new technology, new facility, new material to have intellectual property, high additional cost. Product quality should accord with country or occupation standard requirement, product percent of pass achieves 95% above.