Nantong university will undertake craft of printing and dyeing of commonweal sex tradition grooms class

Published on 2019-05-11

According to China of 2017 culture ministry, Ministry of Education crowd of inheritance of immaterial culture bequest grinds long study groom plan, this year on October 16 – on November 15, nantong university will undertake commonweal sex ” craft of traditional printing and dyeing grooms class ” (the 2nd period class) , face a society to recruit student publicly (cost of tuitional board and lodging avoids) completely.

Groom class by institute of dress of Nantong university spin, continue to teach institute, blame academy of involuntary discharge of urine is specific undertake, enter modern life with conventional technology, modern science and technology aids force tradition craft to be a target, integrated promotion is not ability of the integrated accomplishment of crowd of inheritance of involuntary discharge of urine, innovation, through grooming, in hold to a tradition, do not break its this on the foundation, pass inheritance and innovation, make traditional printing and dyeing gets in the life of the innumberable families inheritance innovates, thereby the life vitality with new coruscate.

Groom main with blue allover (national blame involuntary discharge of urine is representative project: 374 Ⅷ – craft of 24); wax printing (national blame involuntary discharge of urine is representative project: 375 Ⅷ – 25) and plunge into acquire skill (national blame involuntary discharge of urine is representative project: 376 Ⅷ – 26) passes major delibrate of theory study, case, inspect creation of communication, practice, help inheritance crowd arouses creation potential, abound subject matter breed, solve craft difficult problem, extend applied space.