What 2017PH Value knitting exhibits the spot is wonderful can miss how!

Published on 2019-05-11

Only old structure, big eye shot, ability has great progress. Exhibit in current knitting on, each big famous group and enterprise it may be said let a hundred flowers blossom, each extend magic power. Underwear group is like source of distant of pace of salt of Guangdong Shenzhen, Fosan, Jilin, sock group if all and big the Tang Dynasty, Jilin distant source, sweater and knitting gauze group if Zhejiang Pu courtyard, Guangdong is big bright, group of recreational knitting dress is like Guo of duty of lake of Jiangxi green hill, Shandong, group of knitted piece goods is like functional sex Zhejiang Gu Li, Guangdong piece raft etc, the area of electric Trade Fair that sets first was to gather together more Alibaba, Beijing east, Netease take an examination ofing is pulled, the electric business old man such as beauty of such life, country, every guest people ox of; An Lifang, Gu Jin, copper, namely, group and enterprise are in together 3 days short act according to jointly inside time went up a knitting makes fun of greatly.

Small make up special chose many ginseng to exhibit enterprise and group, those who hope to pass them to wait for a respect in brand, science and technology, design show, it is certain to can have to industry person of the same trade draw lessons from.

Big the Tang Dynasty hose trade group

As “ whole nation raw material of knitting of China of ” of group of 100 beautiful industry, “ produces base ” , big the Tang Dynasty hose trade group with ” of “ antediluvian Gu Yun model appear exhibit meeting, exhibited on 1000 fashionable socks are tasted, the knitting cotton socks of all sorts of category, functional motion socks, home resides draw together the socks of medical treatment pressure of sex of socks, digital printing socks, function, collected the ocean of the sock, all exhibit big the Tang Dynasty the actual strength of hose line of business. Big the Tang Dynasty chief expresses related hose trade group, organized needle of reason of line of business of friendly embellish hose, Jin Qi, love this to spin, sea accept needle is spun, club of knitting of Yue of Oriental predestined relationship, ooze, Kalameila, beautiful Er, Sha is able to bear or endure 10 knitting enterprise holds kingdom of special, child socks in the arms the group attends, join the socks that exhibits an enterprise to all provide what own research and development designs the company tide originality most to taste took exhibit meeting, knitting of have the aid of exhibits this international platform, attracted large quantities of traveling trader. Prospective big Tang Jiang reframes according to “ hose line of business, heavy model is large the Tang Dynasty the train of thought of ” , ” of socks art small town is building the “ that program area amounts to 2.96 square kilometer in, exert oneself makes the is the totem with the sock characteristic small town with exclusive whole world.

Greatly bright group

” of famous city of “ China woollen sweater is big bright knitted a net this to organize more than 20 wool inside group to knit yarn and wool to knit clothing company to attend for the delegate with wool exhibit meeting, exhibit with “ , one altar, a little while, one beautiful ” is all-around the form of linkage is all-around show big bright wool knits industrial transition new form. Outside be being exhibited except the static state, forum discussed platform of industry of B2B wool unlined upper garment to return the function in production quickly in wool unlined upper garment, wool knits a net news briefing of trend of popularity of yarn of type of the national flower in 2019/2020 of · Huang Gang is stereo appeared how to use new-style yarn and characteristic yarn. Association of Chinese knitting industry spent branch of type gauze lubricious gauze to hold water to prepare committee, big bright wool knitted a net to hold the position of chip appoint conference chairman unit. Wool knits net CEO we are in magnify roc dedicated big while market of bright this locality is developed, also with a view to knits an enterprise to provide excellent service for countrywide wool. Future we will continue to perfect “ Internet + wool knits ” the network of new-style business, intelligence is changed, the zoology system of informatization, knit yarn business, wool link of factory, shopkeeper to rise, help traditional wool knit company transition to upgrade.

Duty of Shandong jujube village

Regard assemble of Chinese knitting dress as the ground, in exhibit during the meeting, guo Zhen of Die of the area in town of city of Shandong jujube village is awarded ” of famous city of dress of “ China knitting by federation of Chinese textile industry, was sure Guo of jujube village duty is some closer adequately year accomplish in knitting dress developmental. Xu Xiaomin of secretary-general of association of clothing of jujube village spin expresses, after duty Guo Zaijing develops for years too, have spinning, weaving, float catch, dress of printing, inwrought, knitting, tatting dress, home is spun, medical the fluctuation such as textile swims relatively perfect industry chain, formed the brand of knitting garment district that has distinguishing feature. To build area brand better, the overall planning that brings into region economy progress, configuration of structural adjustment of industry of spin of the area in leading jujube village city city with area brand, resource and industrial assemble, will build perfect area brand to breed a mechanism, form the linkage effect that participates in jointly by tripartite of government, association, enterprise.

Pu courtyard group