Be born inside economy still is the centre of gravity that spins machine development

Published on 2019-05-11


The graph is on2013Year1-4Forehead of foreign trade of textile of main type enterprise and synchronism increase the month situation situation analyses a scheme, see not hard, in company of state-owned imports and exports, cooperative, 3 endowment below the market structure of contend for hegemony of all directions of enterprise, civilian battalion company, civilian battalion company is close200The export trade forehead of 100 million dollars gained more distinct advantage for its undoubtedly, it is next manage enterprise of enterprise, foreign sole proprietorship to be main condition with collaboration of enterprise of joint venture of China and foreign countries, China and foreign countries 3 endowment enterprise. But add situation situation to look compared to the same period with respect to what textile of 4 kinds of enterprises exports, cooperative and civilian battalion enterprise are adjacent20%compared to the same period the distinct effect after amplitude made clear trade structural adjustment further.

Have a situation in the light of machinery of our country spin and character, positive technical innovation and product value are extended will be the benefit that help strength the biggest change not 2 law. In a word, although the textile trade situation with good profit can pack up particular stimulative function to spinning the benefit of aircraft company to add, but whether changeover of will objective market sees company of domestic spin machinery how be deduced even for actual beneficial result.