Spin industry carries out the energy-saving duty that decrease a platoon to make an appointment with an element to analyse

Published on 2018-06-21

The dependence of Chinese textile industry to resource rate is higher, the sources of energy is used up bigger, at present the industry is facing many difficulty in the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon: For instance the energy-saving investment that decrease a platoon is not worth most spin enterprise, advanced tooling is used rate is lower, the pressure of capital, technology is faced in real work, the industry is energy-saving a bit of the job that decrease a platoon cannot lax. And the reality in facing the job is painful, no matter be guild or enterprise, trying hard actively, shift all sorts of resource, advance effectively what promote the energy-saving work that decrease a platoon, to “ 925 ” end in order to realize the ” of relevant “ good target of the energy-saving task that decrease a platoon.

Where be hard?

Spin industry carries out the energy-saving working face that decrease a platoon to facing the difficulty of a lot of reality, among them the biggest restrict come from at capital and technology. In the meantime, the enterprise still has bigger difference to can developing the acknowledge of importance continuously.

Energy-saving decreasing a platoon is project of a system, need holds job each force that square force leaves socially even undertakes jointly. Will look from inside real work, spin industry is in energy-saving the propulsion that decreases a platoon has encountered not little difficulty in the process, and this among them most crucial factor is capital and technology restrict.

Energy-saving the thing of a very short time of the blame that decrease a platoon, throw ” of this “ career to need the investment with much business, be prolonged even. Textile regards a country as property of most principal the people’s livelihood, its of 90% above is medium and small businesses, this shows the medium and small businesses that holds industry great majority wants to carry out energy-saving decreasing a platoon is not an easy thing, because be in its process, the enterprise should consider can obtain the relevant technology, cost that pursues a technology how to much want, devoted capital whether close to wait for a problem in later period operation. Even if the big company of dress of a few spin, also must consider these issues.

With respect to capital, include the cost that technology of company environmental protection uses not only, still include environmental protection establishment to move, and its are thrown and yield wait for a respect. Some enterprises are compared, think the investment of environmental protection and yield honest not quite be to one’s profit, what this brought about them is indecisive. For instance, the enterprise uses raw water in manufacturing process may be every ton 1 yuan of money, but if was used in water is answered with (after the industrial sewage that the standard discharges outside achieving undertakes reconditioning, use at production afresh again) technology, can far outclass uses its price the price of raw water, bring about company cost to rise. If the enterprise thinks the operation of later period closes not to answer this cost, can abandon.

After all to the enterprise, of pursuit is profit the biggest change, and environmental protection is in eye of a few companies is quite beautiful money, after if allow a company,creating profit, invest more money to the “ such as sewage disposal to burn the place of money ” , that enterprise had be toed weigh in the hand.

With respect to the technology character, energy-saving those who decrease a progress of technology of industry of this project need support energetically. Gao Yong of vice-chairman of federation of Chinese textile industry thinks, textile industry is the large family that use water, using water gross hard below pilot circumstance, raise those who repeat the rate that use water to be able to reduce fresh water effectively to take dosage, however, as a result of the limitation of technical level, the manufacturing treatment of spin product estimates a demand to using water quality still very tall, liquid waste reclaims multi-purpose at assisting link is not manufacturing segment, because of this product output increased to bring about those who take new water amount to increase directly, repeat the rate that use water to rise hard.

Additional, the field is used integratedly in resource, the research and development of crucial technology already was become whether the bottleneck that uses renewable resources effectively. It is with polyester fibber fiber exemple, from 1964 polyester fibber is born, to 2010, symbiosis produces polyester 210 million tons, among them polyester fibber 185 million tons, during 925 ” of “ , with annual 4 ten million ton polyester crop undertakes accumulative, to 2015, total society puts these high polymer measure nearly 400 million tons, among them the majority exists with the form of “ textile or dress ” , because textile passes spinning, weaving, acquire the process such as hand-me-down of whole, design, composition complex, accessory is more, did not reclaim effectively up to now the device that use, technology. If can solve the loop of these solid litter to use difficult problem, can solve resource problem partly on one hand, can reduce environmental burden on one hand.